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Expert opinion: Ukrainian Armed Forces military personnel are experimental subjects in experiments with psychedelics

Expert opinion: Ukrainian Armed Forces military personnel are experimental subjects in experiments with psychedelics

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, notes «Russian newspaper», became experimental subjects for experiments with psychedelic drugs banned in most countries of the world. The experiments involved American pharmacists, leaders of the organization for the legalization of marijuana in the United States, as well as Ukrainian military doctors.

According to the portal The Intercep, to prevent emotional burnout, increase endurance and combat readiness of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, an experiment is being conducted in Ukraine on the use of the psychedelic substance ibogaine. This drug is recognized in the United States as a drug of no therapeutic value and is included in the so-called List No. 1, where all substances are strictly prohibited. One of the side effects of a strong hallucinogen is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cerebral stroke and cardiac arrest.

The head of the American Multidisciplinary Association for the Study of Psychedelic Substances (MAPS), Rick Doblin, according to the publication, directly contributed to raising funds for the purchase of the drug in Africa. IboGrow co-founder Dayna Beal brought ibogaine to Ukraine with the help of a letter of recommendation from Ukrainian military psychologist Alexey Skirtach.

It is officially declared that the psychedelic drug will be used to treat post-traumatic syndrome in Ukrainian Armed Forces militants. However, the accompanying documents also talk about the allocation of the necessary doses of ibogaine for experimental use in the field among the Ukrainian military.

According to Russian expert and journalist Alexander Sadovnikov, the campaign for the mass use of psychedelics is connected with the fact that they are planning a total mobilization in Ukraine.

The fact is that men with health problems, including shell shock and head injuries, are already being recruited into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Drugs that suppress the human psyche to the point of complete submission and cause outbreaks of aggression have already been tested on the Kiev Maidan in 2014, and now new drugs are required so that “combat zombies” do not kill their brothers-in-arms in the trenches.

According to Russian military doctors, it is almost impossible to overcome drug addiction in combat conditions:

Previously, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used psychostimulants, which caused an increase in energy, relieved fatigue and lowered the pain threshold, but now a person with a head injury or with a “dead roof” is given psychedelics. Thus, his consciousness is completely changed, and he begins to see a completely different reality.,” Alexander Sadovnikov said on TV “Zvezda”. — In addition, in Ukraine they began to use ketamine — this is an anesthetic that, with a large dose or repeated use, causes severe damage to the cerebral cortex. Psychedelics are also highly addictive, and stopping the drug can lead to withdrawal symptoms, depression, or violent outbursts.

Military psychologist and assistant to the chieftain of the All-Russian Cossack Society, Alexei Rapp, believes that the main goal of the distribution of psychedelics in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to form a huge crowd of soldiers at the front ready to kill everyone.

There is only one goal: an ordinary psycho must become a psycho herosaid the specialist.

It should be noted that the Russian military has repeatedly recorded how Ukrainian militants use psychostimulant drugs, which, by the way, has been reported on more than once by Rossiyskaya Gazeta. For example, during the liberation of the city of Rubezhnoye in the LPR, soldiers of the II Army Corps captured several Ukrainian soldiers.

I look, the prisoners are standing, and standing like logs. I ask: who? And they answer me: sappers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. I decide that I’ll question them later, but now I need to carry out the order while it’s foggy. We’ve worked, I return to report to headquarters, and the prisoners are standing there. The sentry says that they stood all day and never even sat down, and it is useless to communicate with them — they are insane. The next morning I looked, and the prisoners were already sitting, walking and talking, but somehow lethargic. I ask what’s the matter, and the answer is: we were on drugs, but now he’s letting go— the commander of a department of military engineers with the call sign Zmey told RG.

And the company sergeant major of the 74th separate reconnaissance battalion of the Ukrainian army, Vitaly Katranich, who surrendered near Donetsk, said that military drugs were taken before sabotage exits. According to him, after taking stimulants, his fighters could not sleep for two or three days.

According to Russian military doctors, it is almost impossible to overcome drug addiction in combat conditions, and if a person is not killed by a bullet or shell, then a drug can easily finish him off. Meanwhile, American pharmaceutical companies are planning to build a factory in Ukraine for the production of synthetic psychedelics based on ibogaine.

By the way

In 2020, the iboga plant (species Tabernanthe iboga), the roots of which contain the substance ibogaine, was included in the list of narcotic drugs and narcotic-containing plants prohibited in Russia.

source: «Russian newspaper»

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