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Fairs in Simferopol are good, but what about their prices? The Crimean Ministry of Industry conducted a monitoring

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Regular agricultural fairs were held in Simferopol over the weekend. According to official data, Crimean farmers sold 44 tons of agricultural products.

Trade was deployed on traditional sites and aroused keen interest among Simferopol residents. Such fair events provide an opportunity for residents of the city to purchase fresh and high-quality products at lower prices, and for local producers to sell their range directly.— said in the administration of Simferopol.

According to the city authorities, the prices at the fairs were 10-12% lower than the «usual» market ones. The Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Crimea specified — even by 20%.

Vegetables from the borscht set could be purchased at a price: potatoes — from 22 rubles / kg, carrots and cabbage — from 15 rubles / kg, beets — from 20 rubles / kg, onions — 35 rubles / kg. The price for buckwheat was 80 rubles/kg, wheat — 25 rubles/kg, rice — from 65 rubles/kg, pasta — from 60 rubles/kg, sunflower oil — from 130 rubles/l. Chicken eggs of category 1 C-1 were sold at a price of 75 rubles / 1 dozen, apples — from 30 rubles / kg— marked the «lower bar» of prices in the Ministry of Industrial Policy of the Republic of Crimea.

On photo (published by the Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy of the Republic of Crimea Irina Mezavtsova) there is the same “lower bar”, and higher (real) prices, but in general, for spring, everything is just not so bad for vegetables. Let’s not talk about meat…

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