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Feodosia beaches are still closed

Feodosia beaches are still closed

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The beaches of the resort town of Feodosia in the Republic of Crimea remain closed for swimming a week after an accident on a collector at the mouth of the Baibuga River, the head of Feodosia Igor Tkachenko said in Telegram channel.

As Vasily Vasilyevich noted [руководитель территориального отдела Роспотребнадзора Василий Мизин — прим. ТАСС]there is a positive trend in the state of sea water, but so far the results of the analysis do not allow opening the city beaches for swimming. As soon as the results of the study show that the sea water meets hygienic standards, a decision will be made on the operation of the beaches in full mode— the message says.

Tkachenko noted that the collector leak had been completely eliminated. Work on the site is currently ongoing to avoid accidents in the future.

Let us recall that the accident occurred on July 3, and the next day the authorities introduced restrictions on swimming on the beaches due to the danger of the spread of wastewater.

source: TASS

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