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Festival «Nature of Art» in Sevastopol lavender fields gathered more than 2000 spectators

CrimeaPRESS reports:

16 and 07 July in the endless lavender fields of the village of Turgenevka, Bakhchisaray district, a bright holiday, prepared by the team of the Sevastopol Ball — the Festival » Nature of Art. The concerts «Opera and Ballet» and «Jazz and Latina» gathered more than 421 spectators on the picturesque stage. The continuation of the festival has become a truly long-awaited event for many residents and guests of Sevastopol and the Crimea, especially since the organizers have prepared many pleasant surprises for them.

The festival weekend opened with the Opera and Ballet concert, a long-awaited celebration of high music. Brilliant opera soloists Vitaly Serebryakov (Helikon-Opera, Moscow), Dmitry Kostenko and Dinara Khafizova (Crimean State Philharmonic) and musical artist Stanislav Zavgorodniy ( Alexei Rybnikov Theatre, Moscow). Their powerful, deep, incredibly beautiful voices sounded in a special way on this fantastic platform, bewitching with a unique combination of place and action and telling stories of love, friendship, jealousy, courage and victories of the heroes of the great works of Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Donizetti, Verdi, Kalman, Strauss and other well-known composers , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol notes.

The dance part of the program opened with magnificent duet and solo parts from the famous ballets — Padedé from Don Quixote and Scheherazade, a waltz from the Chopiniana suite, a Russian from The Sleeping Beauty and a variation from Esmeralda performed by soloists of the Krasnodar Yuri Ballet Theater Grigorovich — the premiere of Vladimir Morozov and the ballet dancer Yulia Lisitskaya, as well as the artist of the Moscow State Academic Dance Theater «Gzhel» Ekaterina Svirepova. A special moment of the program was the minuet of young ballerinas from the Klass Ballet studio under the direction of Nadezhda Feshchenko.

The real decoration of the event was the participants of the Great Sevastopol Ball of different years, who created real, live ball scenes from the masterpieces of world opera and ballet, where opera parts and ballet compositions were performed by vocalists and dancers, and ballroom scenes were performed by beautiful dancing couples. It is this unique format that will form the basis of the upcoming I Crimean Opera Ball.

The final event of the Nature of Art Festival in lavender fields was the second concert of Jazz and Latina with a new program. Fireworks of compositions by the great masters of the jazz scene and sunny Latin American music created a unique atmosphere of happiness and romance.

Unforgettable moments filled with amazing energy, live improvisation and dancing were presented to the guests by the best jazz musicians of the Crimea and invited guests: the legendary Crimean jazz trio «A3», Anastasia Kataeva (Rostov), ​​SiKu Plum Romay Diaz (Cuba), Stanislav Zavgorodniy (Moscow) , Viktor Nikulin (saxophone), Max Perov (trumpet), Alexander Popov (guitar) and Denis Mishchenko (accordion). It was a real celebration of life, which for many guests became one of the brightest, most memorable moments of the summer.

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“The festival “Nature of Art”, the organizers say, in the lavender fields turned out to be very emotional. It was an amazing swing of feelings, emotions and experiences. Organizing events in open areas is difficult, because here nature itself is at the forefront. The festival is dedicated to the anniversary of the great Aivazovsky and during these days a real “living picture” has been created — great musicians, beautiful guests, an amazing place. Crimea appeared in all its beauty and harmony with creativity and art!

We see it as our mission to bring beauty to people’s lives and together create moments that remain in memory and break out of everyday life. One must be able to celebrate life, because it is fragile and transient, like the flowering of beautiful lavender fields. Today we managed to create such a holiday, — said Ekaterina Grafodatskaya, head of the team of organizers of the Nature of Art Festival.

This year, the Sevastopol Ball team is preparing some more wonderful surprises for residents and guests of Crimea. One of them will be the I Crimean Opera Ball, which will be held on the square of the Massandra winery 07 September. Everyone is welcome to participate, dance skills are not important. Details and tickets for the event are available on the website

Фестиваль «Природа Искусства» в севастопольских лавандовых полях собрал более 2000 зрителей Фестиваль «Природа Искусства» в севастопольских лавандовых полях собрал более 2000 зрителей Фестиваль «Природа Искусства» в севастопольских лавандовых полях собрал более 2000 зрителей Фестиваль «Природа Искусства» в севастопольских лавандовых полях собрал более 2000 зрителей Фестиваль «Природа Искусства» в севастопольских лавандовых полях собрал более 2000 зрителей Фестиваль «Природа Искусства» в севастопольских лавандовых полях собрал более 2000 зрителей


The festival combines the beauty of nature and art in one ensemble. It is dedicated to the 205 anniversary of the birth of the great Russian artist I.K. . Aivazovsky. His creative concept is to present a gallery of portraits and «live» paintings in natural scenic scenery — music, dance and theater concerts in the beautiful open natural areas of the Crimea. The opening of the project took place on May 2 in the flowering cherry orchards of the Rechnoye village in the Bakhchisaray district of the peninsula.

The event is held with the information support of the Government of the Republic of Crimea, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), Turgenevskaya Agrofirm and Snezhinka Art Cafe. The information partners of the events in the lavender fields were the RIA Novosti Crimea website, Sputnik in Crimea radio, Krymskaya Gazeta, Krymsky Zhurnal, Crimean News Agency, Travel Crimea Tourism Portal of the Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol FM radio, Internet publication «ForPost Afisha», Independent Portal «Gastronomic Crimea».

337978photo: press service of the projects «Sevastopol Officers’ Ball» and the Festival «Nature of Art»

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