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Fifty citizens became victims of online scammers in Crimea last week

Fifty citizens became victims of online scammers in Crimea last week

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In total, the budget of the victims «lost weight» by nine million rubles.

From August 28 to September 3, 51 reports of committed remote frauds were registered in Crimea. The attackers managed to enrich themselves at the expense of gullible citizens in the amount of 9 million 270 thousand 703 rubles.

CALLS, including via Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber messengers with the logo of one of the leading banks in Crimea

Over the past week, 18 such crimes involving phone calls have been registered. People, believing in the plausible stories of scammers, gave them 3 million 760 thousand and 445 rubles— reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Crimea.

A resident of Simferopol, after a scammer called her, lost more than 1 million 316 thousand rubles. An unknown person called the woman and introduced himself as a law enforcement officer. The false employee convinced the applicant that under the pretext of deleting the application for a loan, which the attacker is allegedly trying to take, it is necessary to take a loan and cancel the application of an unknown person.

A woman contacted the Yevpatoriya police and said that unknown persons who presented themselves as law enforcement officers called her on the phone. Unidentified persons persuaded the applicant to transfer 665,000 rubles in order to avoid criminal liability for allegedly assisting terrorism by the applicant.

A resident of Simferopol turned to the police for help after an unknown person called her on her mobile phone, introducing himself as an employee of one of the banks. The applicant said that under the pretext of saving money, she transferred 300 thousand rubles to an unknown person.

Also, the tricks of scammers come across citizens who are called by unknown people and, using other life situations, lure large sums of money from their victims.


31 facts of fraudulent activities are associated with the use of social networks, instant messengers and Internet sites, as a result of which citizens have lost 4 million 899 thousand 258 rubles, the Crimean police said.

The scammers received the maximum amount of money over the past week from a resident of Kerch. He told the police that on the social network, under the pretext of making money on the stock market, an unknown person wrote to him. Interested in the offer, they continued their communication in instant messengers. After the applicant transferred more than 3 million rubles to an unknown account, his interlocutor disappeared and did not get in touch again.

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A woman contacted the police of Simferopol, who said that in one of the messengers from an unknown person she received a message with a proposal to increase her income by investing money in cryptocurrency. Believing in the ease of increasing income, she transferred more than 400 thousand rubles to an unknown account.


More than 610 thousand rubles disappeared from the accounts of the victims after downloading third-party applications to mobile devices and by clicking on links from unknown sources (3 facts).

A local resident contacted one of the Simferopol police departments. She said that on one of the free ad sites she saw an advertisement about easy money, as a result of clicking on the attached link, 100 thousand rubles were debited from her bank card.

The police once again remind:

Never be in a hurry to make money decisions. Remember, the safety of your funds depends only on you, and only you decide how to ensure their safety.

Be vigilant and follow the recommendations:

— do not give your bank card to unauthorized persons;
— do not tell anyone the details of your bank card and its PIN code;
— do not provide any SMS codes, even to a bank employee;
— do not confirm transactions that you did not perform;
— do not believe people who introduce themselves as law enforcement officers and banking employees who report that any transactions are being made momentarily with your money account;
— do not follow links unknown to you that came to you through instant messengers from third-party sources;
— do not install on your mobile phones applications that you hear about for the first time or do not have detailed information about how they work;
— do not agree to prepayment when buying or selling property through free Internet portals;
— do not follow the instructions of unknown citizens who are trying to convince you to quickly receive «easy» money — no one is interested in enriching you for free.

If you have become a victim of scammers, immediately report it to the police at a single number 102 or apply in writing to any nearest police station, or through the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Crimea.

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