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Fighters and athletes of Crimea congratulate the inhabitants of the peninsula on Flag Day

Fighters and athletes of Crimea congratulate the inhabitants of the peninsula on Flag Day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimean fighters, athletes and politicians congratulate the inhabitants of Crimea on the Day of the Flag of the Russian Federation. Crimean howitzer artillerymen, activists of the Popular Front in Crimea say, are beating the enemy in the Zaporozhye direction. They hit hard and do not spare themselves. And they do it with pride — with our flag in their hands and in their hearts. For our volunteers and mobilized guys, the flag is not just a state symbol. It is their life, honor and pride, to defend Russia on all frontiers.

Dear Crimeans, as mobilized with honor and pride, we carry our flag on all frontiers of our country. We are proud to serve under our flag and liberate the territory from fascist evil spirits. We take it with pride and carry it everywhere with us, — the artillerymen congratulate the inhabitants of the peninsula.

Fighters and athletes of Crimea congratulate the inhabitants of the peninsula on Flag Day

The People’s Front, along with the necessary humanitarian aid, brought them the flag of Russia. Which the fighters hung out on their guns today. Prominent athletes of the peninsula join the congratulations of the residents of the republic. For the Olympic champion of the Munich Games in 1972, Rustem Kazakov, the flag is his whole life.

When I entered the arena in the final against a German athlete to the roar of ten thousand German spectators, I thought of only one thing: to give everything, to leave nothing, just to win. And I will forever remember those moments that still give me goosebumps: when the anthem played and the flag was raised, attention to which was riveted from the screens of the whole world— says Olympian, co-chairman of the Popular Front in Crimea Rustem Kazakov.

Then Rustem Abdullaevich had a new dream — to share this moment with future generations. Arriving in the Crimea, from the first days he was on fire with the idea of ​​​​opening his own gym. To do this, I bought a house, equipped it with the authorities for training and gave it to the guys. So that the future Crimean champions under the flag and anthem of Russia riveted the eyes of the whole world — ours with pride, others — with admiration and envy.

You cannot exclude your family from your life, and the flag is an integral part of it.— says Antonio Rizzi, a chef from Italy and a real Russian patriot.

He was born in Italy and moved to Russia at a mature age. For him, it has become a second home. After the start of the NMD, he, along with the humanitarian mission of the Popular Front, was in the liberated territories, preparing for our fighters and civilians at the call of his heart.

Having visited Crimea for the first time with master classes in sanatoriums for the military and their families, he decided to proudly tell that for him the Russian flag is an inner strength and confidence in his country— noted in the press service of the Popular Front in the Crimea.

source: press service of the Popular Front in Crimea

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