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Five of the best online stores for household appliances in Russia

Five of the best online stores for household appliances in Russia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Selling household appliances via the Internet is no longer some kind of know-how in Russia. People actively buy televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens and many other products from the category through the global network. Just go to the popular ShopRadar service, where you can find regularly updated rating of online stores of household appliances. But not every retail outlet offers interesting conditions, a wide range and much more that a modern consumer needs. We bring to your attention the current ranking of the five best companies in the country.

El Dorado

It is not for nothing that its name was borrowed from the famous story about the “Golden City”. «Eldorado» is a storehouse of all kinds of household appliances. Of course, you can buy it in other stores. However, Eldorado offers some privileges, which sets the company apart from its competitors:

  • loyal pricing policy;
  • professional system of additional services (installation, connection, adjustment and repair of equipment);
  • a well-thought-out bonus program, with accumulated points you can pay up to half the cost of the product;
  • very profitable program for purchasing products in installments.

And Eldorado can easily be called an innovator on the market. Many new items that appear in Russia almost immediately end up in the catalog of this online store.

M Video

The oldest household appliances store in Russia, which has been operating for a quarter of a century. It’s no surprise that the customer base is in the millions. M.Video has a huge range of products. You can buy something that is difficult to get in another store. Let’s say a branded air humidifier for the office. The “trick” of the online store is the product tracking option. And, of course, the company systematically runs cool promotions — keep an eye on them to buy household appliances at a profit.

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This store can safely be called all-Russian, because its geography covers more than 5 thousand cities throughout the Russian Federation. Positronika likes to pamper its customers with promotions, and very serious ones at that. Discounts reach up to 30 percent even on a regular weekday! There is an option to make a purchase on credit without an entry fee.


Another “giant” of the market. Citylink has many different products with detailed descriptions and professional reviews. That is, the client will definitely buy what he needs. Other advantages:

  • wide geography, even in small towns there are pick-up points;
  • nice design of the web resource;
  • convenient product segmentation;
  • prompt technical support.

You can also become the owner of a loyalty card and join the Citylink Club. Moreover, there is a system of transitions to a new level. By becoming a Platinum status holder, you can pay up to 75 percent of the cost of goods with bonuses. And after each purchase you will receive a cashback — 1.2 percent of the cost of the product.


The online store successfully competes with the largest retail outlets. People like the wide range and the opportunity to receive bonuses and discounts for various actions. For example, for subscribing to the Maunfeld newsletter. The company also regularly holds a cool competition, in which customers who take a photo with a recent purchase can participate. And those who make a nice review and upload the video to YouTube receive nice gifts.

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