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“Formation of a comfortable urban environment” in Sevastopol: three objects are fully ready

“Formation of a comfortable urban environment” in Sevastopol: three objects are fully ready

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The regional project “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment” is being implemented within the framework of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”, initiated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

To date, out of seven objects, three have already been fully completed — this is the square of the 100th anniversary of Kacha in the village of Kacha, the square on Gorpishchenko Street near school No. 41, the improvement of which was ordered to be completed before September 1, and the square on Stepanyan Street, 7. Also in large numbers The park between the houses on Marshala Gelovani, 4 and General Ostryakov, 87 is ready. By the end of the year, work will be completed in the village of Dalny, in Balaklava on Novikova, 32 and in the Veterans Park in Inkerman. In finished objects, we replaced small architectural forms and ensured the accessibility of these spaces for people with limited mobility. At Novikova, 32, among other things, plumbing equipment will also be installed, because this is a transit zone, there is a market there, and it will ultimately be connected with the park at Novikova, 30, which we renovated in 2022. Work in Inkerman and the village of Dalniy is already more than 50% ready, — quotes the press service of the Government of Sevastopol and. O. Deputy Governor Evgeny Gorlov.

The meeting also discussed facilities that are planned to be improved in 2024. Mikhail Razvozhaev drew attention to the fact that there are territories for which people have been voting for a long time.

If some of the public gardens that people voted for earlier were not included in this year’s selection, let’s make them using funds from the Sevastopol budgetthe governor emphasizes.

10 objects were selected for improvement in 2024 under the project “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment”:

  • park near the Central Market on Odesskaya Street, 3;
  • green zone between houses No. 26 and 32 on October Revolution Avenue;
  • a square at the memorial “To the Lost Fellow Villagers” on Sofya Perovskaya Street, 10a in the village of Lyubimovka;
  • green zone in the area of ​​house No. 5a on Sumskaya Street in the village of Khmelnitsky;
  • the area between houses No. 31 and 35 on Tsentralnaya Street in the village of Rodnoe;
  • green zone in the area of ​​house No. 2 on Yubileinaya Street in the village of Frontovoye;
  • territory in the area of ​​house No. 7 on Shevkoplyas Street in Inkerman;
  • a park around the Zelenukha pond on Ivan Pakhomov Street in the village of Orlinom;
  • public area near the sports ground in the area of ​​house No. 24 on Vetvistaya Street in the village of Solnechny;
  • territory near the House of Culture in the village of Vishnevoye.

We are already communicating with people to design areas so that they are functional and meet the needs of residents. After the budget is formed, we will develop projects, – notes Evgeny Gorlov.

Let us remind you that the objects for improvement in 2024 were chosen by the residents themselves — online voting took place in the spring of 2023. More than 44 thousand people took part in it.

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source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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