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Former Director of Sevastopol Water Park Punished for “Causing Serious Harm to a Minor”

Former Director of Sevastopol Water Park Punished for “Causing Serious Harm to a Minor”

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Sevastopol, a sentence has come into force against a former water park director who allowed a child to receive serious injuries in a pool. It was established that in 2022, the director failed to organize the safety of people in the water park pools, did not ensure the presence of a medical worker on site, the presence of a rescue post and a sufficient number of instructors, whose functions were performed by minors hired to work.

On the afternoon of July 24, a 6-year-old child freely entered the adult pool area, where, in the absence of a lifeguard instructor, he jumped from the side, completely immersed himself in the water, and as a result, he clinically died. The water park employees did not take any measures to save the boy; vacationers pulled him out of the water. Thanks to the doctors who quickly arrived, the child was resuscitated. However, as a result of the incident, his health was seriously harmed — he was recognized as a group I disabled person.— the Investigative Committee reported.

During the investigation, all the circumstances of the crime were established, and measures were taken to organize the rehabilitation of the child victim.

The court found the former director of the water park guilty of providing services that did not meet safety requirements and that resulted in the inadvertent causing of serious harm to the health of a minor (clause “b” of part 2 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

He was sentenced to two years of forced labor in a specialized center under the supervision of a convoy. The court’s sentence has now entered into legal force.

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