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Freedom Finance by Timur Turlov is a leader in its field

Freedom Finance by Timur Turlov is a leader in its field

CrimeaPRESS reports:

There are many successful entrepreneurs in the world of finance whose achievements deserve special attention. One of these outstanding personalities is Timur Turlov, who not only turned his investment company Freedom Finance into the international financial holding Freedom Holding Corp., but also became a symbol of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in Kazakhstan. In 2021, Turlov entered the Forbes global list for the first time and was recognized as businessman of the year according to Forbes Kazakhstan, and already in 2023, American Forbes included him in its ranking of the richest people on the planet.

Timur Turlov began his entrepreneurial journey in the industry in 2008, when the whole world was engulfed by one of the largest financial crises, but Timur believed in the potential of the US stock market, and from that moment his ambitions and desire for development knew no bounds. The future billionaire, together with colleagues from the brokerage division of Uniastrum Bank, founded the company Freedom Finance, which subsequently served as a platform for the creation of an international financial holding company with a network of 119 branches in 15 countries around the world. Thanks to Turlov’s effective management, Freedom Holding has taken a leading position in the field of investment and brokerage in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. And 2019 became a particularly significant year for the businessman — Timur realized his dream and brought the parent company to the American technology platform NASDAQ, placing shares of the holding under the ticker FRHC.

One of the main principles on which Timur Turlov builds his business is the desire for constant innovative development. He recognizes that in today’s world, success depends on the ability to be flexible and respond to a changing environment by offering completely new products to customers. Under the leadership of the businessman, Freedom Finance is introducing advanced technologies, such as the first online stock store “Freedom24” or “Digital Mortgage” from a subsidiary bank in Kazakhstan, allowing the applicant to pass all the necessary checks and obtain a mortgage loan literally within one day. Building a full-fledged ecosystem that can cover as many areas of the life of an ordinary person as possible is an important aspect of Turlov’s strategy. That is why Freedom Finance integrates subsidiaries that specialize in various market segments. For example, Freedom Life and Freedom Insurance provide insurance services, and Aviata and Chocotravel, services recently acquired by the holding, are responsible for searching and booking air and train tickets. As a result, under one brand Freedom in Kazakhstan, the entrepreneur collected: a broker, a digital bank, digital insurance, life-style services, e-commerce and payment services.

Turlov’s vision, focus on innovation and creation of a diversified business make Freedom Holding an industry leader. The businessman gathers around him a team of talented professionals who share his values ​​and strive to achieve common goals, due to which the group of companies continues to attract more and more investors and achieve new heights.

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