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From April 1, the price of compulsory motor insurance will change. For whom and why

From April 1, the price of compulsory motor insurance will change. For whom and why

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to current legislation, all motorists are required to buy an MTPL policy, but not everyone knows and understands how its price is formed and how it can be reduced. The amount of payment depends on the size of the insurance company’s base rate and coefficients. Let’s start with the base rate; it is set by each insurance company at its own discretion in the interval approved by the Bank of Russia. Next, this basic tariff is multiplied by coefficients, and here, if you know what they depend on, you have the opportunity to influence them, and therefore the final cost of your “car license.”

For example, how often a driver caused an accident is shown by the bonus-malus coefficient (BMC). The 13th KBM class is considered the best (coefficient 0.46), its owner can receive the maximum discount for accident-free driving — 54%. President of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers (RUA) Evgeny Ufimtsev reminds that you can get such a discount if you do not cause an accident for ten years. At the same time, the KBM for each driver is updated annually on April 1 and is valid until March 31 of the following year inclusive, and its value does not change when changing cars.

According to RSA statistics, at the end of last year, the largest share of car owners who had the maximum discount for accident-free driving under compulsory motor liability insurance was recorded in Moscow — the best KBM for 46.8% of drivers. In second place is St. Petersburg — 43.1% of drivers, followed by the Moscow region — 42%, Leningrad region — 40.8% and Perm region — 40.2%. In total, 93% of drivers have a discount for accident-free driving under compulsory motor liability insurance in the fourth quarter of 2023. As they say at RSA, this is one of the consequences of the individualization of MTPL tariffs, when more and more drivers understand that driving carefully and accident-free is profitable.

At the same time, the share of car owners receiving the maximum allowance for accidental driving remains minimal throughout the country and amounts to only 0.01%. However, for them, the cost of a mandatory “car license” will quite rightly be higher than average. For example, Director of Business Development OSAGO «Zetta Insurance» Svetlana Zakharova said that “last year, our company concluded the most expensive MTPL agreement with an individual with a premium of about 96 thousand rubles. The cost was affected by the maximum possible bonus-malus coefficient (3.92) for the car owner, as well as another added driver with 2 years of experience.” At the same time, the cost of MTPL policies from this insurance company starts from only 1,100 rubles (for drivers with the best BMP (0.46) for low-power vehicles up to 70 hp, used in small settlements).

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Factors influencing the cost of insurance in addition to CBM include:

  • territory of use of the car (depends on the place of registration of the owner of the car and takes into account that accident statistics, and therefore the probability of an insured event occurring in different regions and localities may differ);
  • the number of drivers included in the MTPL policy (insurance for an unlimited number of persons, the so-called “multidrive”, is usually more expensive than regular insurance);
  • the number of complete years and experience of driving a car;
  • the number of horsepower of the car;
  • period of operation of the vehicle;
  • duration of the contract (from March 2, 2024, you can buy a “short” MTPL for a period from 1 day to 3 months).

It is not difficult to guess that the cost of compulsory motor liability insurance will be higher if several increasing coefficients coincide at once. Alevtina Kozhevnikova, project manager for the development and development of auto insurance products at Absolut Insurance gives the example of the owner of a luxury F-class car Audi A8 3.0TDI 45 Advance quattro produced in 2019 with a 249 hp engine. He had not only a high KBM, but also coefficients CT (Moscow), KO (Multidrive insurance), KM (Power), due to which his OSAGO policy cost 58,904.65 rubles. But this is rather an exception to the rule; it is no coincidence that this is an example of the most expensive policy sold by this company last year to an ordinary driver of a light car.

To summarize the above, the main tips for reducing the cost of an MTPL policy are as follows:

  • try to drive carefully and not provoke accidents, keep an eye on your vehicle;
  • between “multidrive” insurance and regular insurance, it is better to give preference to regular insurance with a closed list of drivers allowed to drive a car;
  • When buying a car with a powerful engine, be prepared for the high cost of insurance for it.

Let us also remind you that you can check your KBM on the official RSA website.

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