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Gasoline sprayer: features, advantages, types and selection criteria

Gasoline sprayer: features, advantages, types and selection criteria

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Gasoline sprayer – this is specialized equipment designed for spraying plants in the garden, vegetable garden or greenhouse. It is used to protect crops from pests and diseases, to apply fertilizers, and also for disinfection. Such sprayers are equipped with a gasoline engine, which ensures their high performance and autonomy.

Main components of a gasoline sprayer

Gas engine:

  • ensures autonomous operation of the sprayer without the need to connect to the mains.
  • Most often two-stroke or four-stroke engines are used.
  • Engine power varies depending on model and purpose.

Liquid reservoir:

  • Made from durable plastic or stainless steel.
  • the volume can range from a few liters to 20 liters or more, depending on the model and user needs.


  • provides pressurized fluid supply to the spray system.
  • can be piston or membrane.

Spray system:

  • includes hoses and spray nozzles.
  • allows you to adjust the fluid flow and spray pattern (for example, jet or mist).

Handles and straps:

  • For ease of use, the sprayer can be equipped with ergonomic handles and adjustable straps that make it easier to carry equipment on your back.

Advantages of gasoline sprayers


  • no electrical connection is required, which allows you to use the sprayer anywhere.
  • high mobility and convenience when processing large areas.


  • The powerful motor ensures high performance and spray pressure.
  • the ability to process large areas in a short time.


  • Suitable for various tasks: spraying with pesticides, applying liquid fertilizers, disinfection.
  • Adjustable nozzles allow you to customize the spray pattern depending on the type of treatment.

Durability and reliability:

  • Durable materials and high-quality assembly ensure long service life of the equipment.
  • Possibility of use in difficult conditions and intensive use.

Disadvantages of gasoline sprayers

Noise and vibration:

  • Internal combustion engines create noise and vibration that can be uncomfortable for the user and others.


  • Gasoline sprayers are typically heavier than their electric counterparts, especially when the tank is full.

Environmental aspect:

  • Internal combustion engines produce exhaust gases that may be undesirable when processing plants indoors or near residential areas.

Using petrol sprayers

Gardening and horticulture:

  • spraying plants to protect against pests and diseases.
  • application of liquid fertilizers to improve growth and fruiting.


  • processing of large fields and crops.
  • disinfection of agricultural premises and equipment.


  • use for disinfection of premises, greenhouses and warehouses.
  • disinfection of public places and transport as part of the fight against the spread of infections.

Types of gasoline sprayers

Gasoline sprayers come in various types, each of which is designed for specific tasks and operating conditions. Here are the main types of gasoline sprayers:

Backpack sprayers:

  • purpose: Ideal for gardeners and farmers who require mobility when cultivating large areas.
  • design: Worn on the back, equipped with ergonomic straps for comfort.
  • peculiarities:
    • easy access to hard to reach places.
    • the tank usually holds 10 to 20 liters.

Shoulder sprayers:

  • purpose: Suitable for processing small areas and gardens.
  • design: worn on one shoulder with a belt.
  • peculiarities:
    • Lightweight and compact, convenient to use in confined spaces.
    • The tank is usually up to 10 liters.

Wheel sprayers:

  • purpose: designed for cultivating large areas such as farms and agricultural fields.
  • design: equipped with wheels for easy movement on the ground.
  • peculiarities:
    • large tanks (up to 50 liters or more).
    • powerful motors and pumps for processing large areas.

Sprayers on trolley

  • purpose: Suitable for professional use in gardening, agriculture and landscape design.
  • design: are mounted on a trolley with wheels, which makes transportation easier.
  • peculiarities:
    • medium volume tank (20-30 liters).
    • convenient for use in large areas where carrying the sprayer manually is difficult.

Garden sprayers for trees and tall plants

  • purpose: Designed for spraying tall trees and plants.
  • design: equipped with extended booms and nozzles to achieve height.
  • peculiarities:
    • high pressure to achieve spray height.
    • powerful pumps and adjustable nozzles.

Industrial sprayers:

  • purpose: used in agriculture to cultivate large fields and farms.
  • design: can be installed on tractors or other vehicles.
  • peculiarities:
    • very large tanks (up to several hundred liters).
    • capable of covering large areas in a short time.

Advantages of different types of gasoline sprayers:

  • backpack sprayers: mobility, ability to process hard-to-reach places.
  • shoulder sprayers: ease and convenience for small gardens and vegetable gardens.
  • wheel sprayers: large volumes and ease of transportation on flat surfaces.
  • sprayers on trolley: trade-off between portability and reservoir volume.
  • garden sprayers for trees: possibility of processing tall plants and trees.
  • industrial sprayers: high productivity for large agricultural areas.

Key points when choosing a gasoline sprayer

  • tank volume: choose depending on the size of the plot.
  • engine power: important to ensure the required pressure and performance.
  • pump type: determines performance and durability.
  • Ease of use: ergonomics, weight, presence of belts and wheels.
  • additional functions: adjustable nozzles, filters, the ability to install additional accessories.

Experts emphasize: gasoline sprayers are an effective and reliable solution for various tasks in gardening and agriculture, providing high productivity and mobility.

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