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“Give a book to a child”: Crimean students collected seven hundred books

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Through the efforts of fighters of student groups in the Republic of Crimea, a volunteer action “Give a book to a child” was held, timed to coincide with the International Book Giving Day. The action was held at the initiative of the Crimean regional branch of the youth all-Russian public organization «Russian Student Teams» at the initiative of the student pedagogical team «Condor».

The action has been held for the fifth time since 2018. It is aimed at developing volunteerism, popularizing reading and replenishing the collections of libraries in orphanages and boarding schools in the Republic of Crimea. Anyone could join the action. To participate, it was necessary to find a children’s book in good condition, write the warmest wishes, transfer the book or books to the headquarters of the student teams of the Republic of Crimea , — reported the press service of the Crimean regional branch of MOOO «Russian Student Squads».

All the collected books, and more than seven hundred of them were collected during the month, February were transferred to the libraries of the Center for Social Support for Families, Children and Youth in the village of Gvardeiskoye of Simferopol district and the Kerch Interregional Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minors.

Крымские студенты собрали семьсот книг - передали их в библиотеки детских домов

Not only students from the leading universities of the Crimea, but also schoolchildren of the Republic of Crimea took an active part in the action, in particular, the Orekhovskaya secondary school in the Saksky district has been participating in the action for several years. To date, the action has become recognizable among students and school youth, as well as their parents, and we have come to the conclusion that holding it for a month and a half is a rather short period. Therefore, we decided to extend the action and make the collection of books systematic throughout the year, and tie the donation of books to holidays, for example, International Book Giving Day, International Children’s Book Day, Children’s Day, etc. So those who have not yet taken part in the action, but would like to join it, have such an opportunity during the year. We are grateful to everyone who has already taken part in the collection of books and hope that such a volunteer initiative will only develop, — says the commander of the student pedagogical detachment «Condor» Abdulaziz Buriev.

Information and photos provided by the press service of the Crimean regional branch of the International Public Organization «Russian Student Teams»

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