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Go… work, and then live: in Russia, remote workers are being denied apartment rentals

Go… work, and then live: in Russia, remote workers are being denied apartment rentals

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On social networks, people began to complain that homeowners do not particularly want to let in those who practically never leave the house. Judging by the comments, it notes, the main complaint landlords have against remote workers is that with such tenants the apartment “wears out” faster. Here is a typical complaint of this kind:

They broke me a cooker that cost 60 thousand rubles, but now I can’t buy it. The argument was: “We are remote and preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner. What do you want? It’s logical that it should break, since we use it.” Since then I haven’t rented to remote workers. They smashed the toilet in exactly the same way with approximately the same wording.

Plus, some people don’t really trust those who work remotely. In the sense that it is not very reliable: today he works from home, but tomorrow he will not work at all. How will he pay?

But in fact, there are few such owners in Russia, within the limits of statistical error, says Ilya Volodko, general director of the real estate consulting company Macon:

Ilya Volodko
CEO of real estate consulting company Macon

“Indeed, some owners express similar concerns and limit the possibilities of remote work for their tenants. Nevertheless, in the overall percentage of the market this is still a very small share — I think around 1-2% of owners can express such restrictions for potential tenants.”

Another thing is interesting. If we are talking about professional realtors, remote workers and new houses, then often realtors not only do not rent, but simply dissuade those who work remotely from renting housing in a new building, rental market expert and practicing agent Alexander Kharybin told Business FM:

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Alexander Kharybin
rental market expert, practicing agent

“There are renovations going on around here, maybe some more construction. They won’t live there for long: they’ll live for two months and then move out, because it’s uncomfortable. If such inexperienced people who work remotely come to our new house because they like the new house and the new apartment, we explain everything to them and often don’t even rent out the apartment. We only accommodate people who work eight hours a day, because no one drills anything in the evening.”

In general, realtors do not see a problem with finding housing for remote workers. Although they joke that for any owner, the ideal tenant is the one who rented an apartment, paid for a year in advance and never appeared there again. Well, or at least the one who is on eternal business trips.


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