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Goskomregister specialists have registered more than 30,000 rights that arose during the Soviet and Ukrainian period

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Over the past 9 months, Goskomregistrar specialists have registered more than 30 000 rights that arose during the Soviet and Ukrainian period in the past 9 months alone. Since the beginning of the Federal Law on the Identification of the Rightholders of Previously Recorded Real Estate, the owners of such objects have become much more active in registering their previously arisen rights. This was announced by the Chairman of the State Committee for State Registration and Cadastre of the Republic of Crimea Inna Smal.

Recall that recently the State Committee for Register reported that there is a significant difference between entering information about property owners into the Unified State Register of Real Estate (EGRN) in the manner prescribed by Federal Law No. 518-ФЗ and state registration of rights. In the first case, the information in the USRN will be sufficient for the accrual of property and land taxes to right holders, but the full introduction of objects into civil law circulation occurs only after registration of the right to them at the request of the owner. Registration of real estate in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation allows owners to dispose of real estate: sell, donate, change, etc.

As part of the implementation of the 518-FZ, the Goskomregistr and local authorities are conducting information and explanatory work with the population, as a result of which the dynamics of registration of rights that arose during the Soviet or Ukrainian period is growing. Over the past 9 months after the entry into force of this law, the committee’s specialists have registered 30 the relevant rights to real estate.

Of course, these results are not connected only with the start of the procedure for identifying copyright holders. For example, a person needed to make a deal, he re-registered his right according to old documents and, as a copyright holder, declared himself to the state. However, Federal Law No. 518-FZ clearly played its role. More and more citizens understand that there are no special reasons for delaying the issue of re-registration of real estate, and decide to submit an application and title documents to the MFC in order to become a full owner already in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation , — notes Inna Smal.

Source: press service of Goskomregistr

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