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«Gosuslugi.Dom»: Sevastopol residents vote on general house issues in the mobile application

«Gosuslugi.Dom»: Sevastopol residents vote on general house issues in the mobile application

CrimeaPRESS reports:

As part of the national project “Digital Economy”, the “Government Services.Home” application operates throughout the Russian Federation. In Sevastopol, as throughout the country, the “Owner’s Day” project is being implemented, within the framework of which management organizations and active residents of the city hold general meetings of owners using the application. In it, the owner can familiarize himself with the agenda and attached materials, and on the dates of the meeting online support the chosen decision. The duration of the meeting can range from 7 to 60 days. The system will count votes automatically based on the data posted in it about the owners and area of ​​the premises.

In the house on Molodye Stroiteley, 24A, a meeting of owners is being held through the GIS housing and communal services system. This is a state information system that allows owners to vote in their personal account, and, accordingly, this vote will be taken into account when voting. The organizer of this meeting is the Management Company of the Gagarinsky District — 2, which is also the administrator of the meeting, registered in accordance with the GIS housing and communal services system– the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the head of the State Housing Supervision Service Ilya Poltavsky.

The ballot cannot be falsified, since owners are required to register through State Services. The owner can vote without leaving the apartment.

It should be noted that the State Housing Supervision Authority of Sevastopol has entered into an agreement with the multifunctional center of the city of Sevastopol, which allows owners to vote if they do not have a personal computer or smartphone. If older people do not have a computer or smartphone, they can contact the multifunctional center, and specialists there will help register in the unified identification and authentication system (State Services), log into the GIS housing and communal services system and vote. The help of the MFC may be necessary for authorization in the system, then you can do everything yourself. In this case, we provided a full range of services to make it convenient for the owners — we provided a mobile MFC office. Based on the voting results, the system automatically generates a protocol for the general voting of owners,” emphasizes Ilya Poltavsky.

Residents can submit a request for the arrival of a mobile multifunctional center through the management company: outreach points have their own schedule.

The MFC will help you vote and log in with your personal account. Such a vote will be impossible to fake, since it undergoes double authentication to confirm personal data, and residents can also express their opinion, which will be taken into account by the general meeting of owners. For example, today there is a meeting about installing video cameras, or landscaping the local area, or the possibility of using common property — all these issues can be resolved in this way. You can log in to the system at any time and leave your vote, 24/7, notes I. O. Director of the Digital Development Department Tatyana Chernousova.

In their personal account, residents can see the condition of the house, the total area, surrounding areas, the square footage of their apartment, ask questions to the management company, and pay utilities online.

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We are holding a meeting to install CCTV camera. The system is very convenient for us: you don’t need to gather everyone at the same time: you come in from home, vote through State Services, and that’s it,” shared house resident Violetta Larina.

State Services.Dom is a multifunctional free application for solving housing and communal issues. The service is created on the basis of the GIS housing and communal services and includes all the useful functions of the system. After authorization through a confirmed account on State Services, your property will be uploaded automatically. You can download the “Government Services.Home” application using the link:

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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