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Governor of Sevastopol: «May 1 is the day when it is customary to speak openly about one's achievements»

Dear Sevastopol residents! I sincerely congratulate you on the Holiday of Spring and Labor!

Whatever the political color of this day in different years, the meaning of this holiday in Russia was and remains the same — this is a beloved, folk holiday. The day when it is customary to speak openly about one’s achievements and make plans for the future.

Sevastopol has something to be proud of in this respect! The main wealth of our region is people. Thinking, hardworking, loyal. Our people are a working people, a creator people. A people united by a common idea for a just cause. These qualities have always helped us not only to survive difficult times, but also to emerge victorious.

Special thanks to those who are at work this weekend. He works hard for the city to live.

I sincerely wish each of you inspiration in your work.

To always have enough strength to work for the glory of Sevastopol and Russia!

Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev

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