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Graders reached the streets of the Simferopol microdistrict «Krasnaya Gorka»

Graders reached the streets of the Simferopol microdistrict «Krasnaya Gorka»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Simferopol, large-scale work continues to bring dirt roads into proper condition. One of the types of such work is grading, which involves, among other things, filling such roads with milled asphalt material and compacting them.

Putting dirt roads in order to ensure comfortable passage for cars and passage for our Simferopol residents is one of the key tasks that was set by the head of the city administration. We carry out this work all year round, when weather conditions do not interfere. I would like to note that grading, profiling, and also carrying out patching repairs are a necessary but temporary measure. It does not imply a major overhaul of the road with a full replacement of the asphalt surface, curbs and other elements of the road network“, said Anton Gumen, director of the Municipal Budgetary Institution “City”.

According to him, specialists constantly monitor the condition of dirt roads in the city. They are regularly profiled, grading and filling the canvas. Today, similar work was carried out in the Krasnaya Gorka microdistrict, on Polyusnaya and Khabarovskaya streets, where about 1,000 square meters were brought into proper condition. meters of road.

Graders reached the streets of the Simferopol microdistrict

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