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Hood shock absorbers for cars are a detail that makes communication with the car comfortable

Hood shock absorbers for cars are a detail that makes communication with the car comfortable

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Hood shock absorbers for cars — also known as gas struts or gas hood struts — are devices that help smoothly raise and hold a vehicle’s hood in the open position. These shock absorbers typically replace or supplement traditional mechanical hood supports, which can be less comfortable and require more effort to use.

Main functions and advantages of hood shock absorbers:

  • ease of raising and lowering the hood: Hood dampers help to significantly reduce the effort required to raise the hood, making the process more convenient and safer.
  • smooth opening and closing: Gas struts allow the hood to move smoothly, preventing sudden jerks and impacts that could damage the hood or its mountings.
  • holding the hood open: Once the hood is opened, shock absorbers keep the hood securely in the raised position, freeing your hands and improving access to the engine compartment for maintenance and repairs.
  • increased security: Shock absorbers reduce the risk of accidental hood drop that can occur when using mechanical supports, especially in windy conditions or over uneven surfaces.

Design and principle of operation:

Hood dampers consist of a cylinder filled with gas (usually nitrogen) under pressure, and a piston that moves inside the cylinder. When the hood is opened, the gas in the cylinder is compressed, creating a counter force that helps lift and hold the hood. When the hood is closed, the gas expands, controlling the speed and smoothness of the descent.

Installation and replacement:

  • compatibility: Before purchasing hood dampers, you need to make sure they are compatible with your specific make and model of car. Many manufacturers offer shock absorbers specifically designed for certain vehicles.
  • installation process: Installing hood dampers usually does not require special tools and can be done by yourself or with minimal assistance. In most cases, installation involves securing one end of the shock absorber to the hood and the other to the vehicle body using fasteners.
  • replacing old shock absorbers: If the hood shock absorbers wear out or lose their properties (for example, they no longer hold the hood in the open position), they must be replaced. Replacement is carried out in the same way as installing new shock absorbers.

Note that hood dampers are used in most modern vehicles, from cars to trucks and SUVs. They are especially useful for vehicles with heavy hoods, where the effort to lift and hold them can be significant.

In other words, hood shock absorbers are an important element of the vehicle design, providing convenience, safety and comfort when servicing the engine compartment. Installing or replacing them can significantly improve the experience of interacting with the hood of the car.

Criteria for choosing shock absorbers for a car hood

When selecting car hood shock absorbers, it is important to consider several key criteria to ensure proper performance and longevity of these components. Here are the main criteria that will help you make the right choice:

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Vehicle Compatibility

  • car make and model: Make sure the shock absorbers are designed for the specific make and model of your vehicle. Many manufacturers indicate compatible models in the product description.
  • year of car manufacture: Shock absorbers may vary depending on the year of the vehicle, even if it is the same model.

Length and strength of shock absorbers

  • length in expanded and compressed state: Check that the length of the shock absorbers in the fully expanded and compressed state matches the size of the standard shock absorbers on your vehicle.
  • thrust force (Newton): Make sure the shock absorber force is suitable for the weight of the hood. A shock absorber that is too weak will not hold the hood, and a shock absorber that is too strong can damage the mounts.

Quality and materials

  • cylinder and piston material: Shock absorbers made from high quality materials such as stainless steel or aluminum should be preferred to ensure durability and corrosion resistance.
  • quality of seals: Good seals prevent gas leakage and ensure long life of shock absorbers.

Manufacturer and brand reputation

  • famous brands: give preference to proven brands that have positive reviews and reputation in the auto parts market.
  • guarantee: good manufacturers often provide a guarantee for their products, which is an additional indicator of quality.

terms of Use

  • climatic conditions: If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, choose shock absorbers that can operate over a wide range of temperatures.
  • frequency of use: If the hood is often opened (for example, for engine maintenance), choose shock absorbers with increased wear resistance.

Reviews and recommendations

  • user reviews: Read reviews from other users to understand how the shock absorbers perform in real-world use.
  • car manufacturer recommendations: Some automakers recommend specific brands or models of shock absorbers.


  • price comparison: Compare prices for different shock absorber brands and models. A price that is too low may indicate poor quality, while a high price does not always guarantee better quality.

Example selection process:

  • determine the car model.
  • look for shock absorbers compatible with this model: check the length of the shock absorbers in the expanded and compressed state, and the thrust force.
  • check the material and quality: Look for stainless steel shock absorbers with good seals.
  • compare brands and reviews.
  • compare prices and guarantee: Make sure the price matches the quality and there is a warranty on the product.

Following these criteria, you can choose hood shock absorbers that will ensure reliable and long-lasting operation, as well as convenience and safety during use.

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