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How to choose an electric motorcycle?

How to choose an electric motorcycle?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Currently Electric motorcycles are a good alternative to conventional gasoline motorcycle models.

Instead of an internal combustion engine that pollutes the environment with harmful emissions, an electric motorcycle has a battery-powered engine. The battery itself can be charged from a regular electrical network, or in other words, from any household outlet. It turns out that an electric motorcycle can be recharged almost anywhere, but where this is not possible, solar panels come to the rescue.

Electric motorcycles do not require complex maintenance, which allows you to save on maintenance.

Below are the main characteristics of electric motorcycles that you should pay attention to when choosing.

Electric motor power

The power of an electric motor is measured in watts or kilowatts. Higher power ratings guarantee greater dynamics and high torque.

The motor with a power of up to 3000 W will easily accelerate the bike to a speed of 90 km/h. For city trips, this is more than enough.

Some models of electric motorcycles have more powerful engines, up to 4000 W, allowing the motorcycle to accelerate to 120 km/h. However, at such a speed, the battery is consumed faster, which reduces the range.

Battery capacity

Electric motorcycles use several types of batteries. The most common are lithium-ion, lithium-polymer, and lead-acid. Battery capacity is usually measured in ampere-hours (Ah) and directly affects the motorcycle’s range on a single battery charge. The higher the value, the greater the range.


For the city, a maximum speed of 50-60 km/h is sufficient, and for high-speed roads, a speed of 80-100 km/h and higher is needed.

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Ground clearance affects the motorcycle’s cross-country ability, and when choosing a model, you need to consider where you plan to ride: on flat roads or rough terrain.

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