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If on vacation, then in the Crimean villages: the sun, air and water! And the dolphins are coming…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Experts in the tourism sector note that this year there is a trend — Russians, when planning a vacation by the sea, tend to more peaceful places. In the top in demand are small cities and towns. With small, respectively, hotels and guest houses … what is called … family type. And according to this request, Crimea is in the lead. There are indeed truly marvelous places on the peninsula where civilization comes into contact with nature at “arm’s length”. Great examples:

  • Kastropol (near Yalta). Here we note that the village is now called Beregovoe, but Castropol sounds nicer and more familiar. Because — Castropol!
  • Seaside (10 km from Feodosia).
  • Ordzhonikidze (also near Feodosia).
  • New World (near Sudak).
  • Cliff (between Yalta and Alushta).
  • Koreiz (foot of Ai-Petri).
  • Mirny (35 km from Evpatoria).

Where to stay in the Crimean villages?

The question is not idle, because there is a choice. You can get a good job in rented housing, in mini-hotels, in tents. The conditions are different — the prices are the same: the more comfortable, the more expensive, the closer to the sea, the more expensive, of course. Although there are vivid examples when the ratio «cost — quality» is literally perfect. So, in Castropol, you should definitely pay attention to the guest house «Summer» — It is located just a 4-minute walk from the sea (and it is to these shores that dolphins swim!), It has 35 rooms of 4 categories for every taste and budget (prices from 1400 rubles). And this is the very option that is warmly referred to as a “family business”.

We have been operating since 2001 and the business has been passed down from generation to generation for 20 years. We do not work with travel agencies and booking systems so that prices remain at the most acceptable level and customers do not overpay— note in the guest house «Summer».

The only warning here is that rooms must be booked! 40% of hotel guests are regular customers, vacationing here from year to year, so you should not miss the opportunity to take your “place in the sun”, “squeezing” into the numerous rows of connoisseurs of Castropol.

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Who is ideal for rest in the Crimean villages?

Definitely for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle. What is there … in the spring and summer in the cities of the Crimean peninsula, designated as centers — Sevastopol, Simferopol, Yalta, Feodosia, Evpatoria — life is literally in full swing. So, if the task is to have a real rest, and not have noisy fun, then the choice in favor of small villages is definitely the right decision.

Also, this type of vacation is suitable for those who are attracted by the so-called «seal vacation» — basking on the beach, from time to time, going into the water. Or, on the contrary, for those who need “rest for health”: somewhere, and in the same Castropol, there are many opportunities for “breathing, running, swimming, walking”.

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