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Important: Tax agents must submit reports on payments to employees

Important: Tax agents must submit reports on payments to employees

CrimeaPRESS reports:

July 25 is the deadline for employers to submit a report in Form 6-NDFL to the tax service at the place of registration, which provides information on payments received by hired employees and also contains the amount of personal income tax withheld from these payments.

Let us clarify that the income of individuals subject to personal income tax includes not only salary and advance payments, but also various forms of financial assistance.

From January of this year, Form 6-NDFL must be submitted in accordance with the regulations order of the Federal Tax Service dated January 9, 2024 No. ED-7-11/1@.

In case of violation of the established deadline for reporting according to Form 6-NDFL, the taxpayer may be subject to penalties. In addition, Article 76 of the Tax Code gives the right to block the bank accounts of an employer who has not submitted a report within 20 days after the deadline.

It should be noted that if the 6-NDFL report is filled out for 10 or more people, it must be submitted exclusively in electronic form. The report can be submitted through an electronic document management operator via telecommunication channels, through the FTS of Russia service «Submission of tax and accounting reports in electronic form»and for individual entrepreneurs — also through a personal account. Whichever option for submitting an electronic calculation is chosen, for its signing you will need a CEP.

To submit the 6-NDFL report to personal account of the individual entrepreneuryou need authorization via QEP. In the block «Life situations» in the section «NBO» (tax accounting reporting) you need to download and send to the tax service the generated report file. You can prepare it in an accounting program or in free software from the Federal Tax Service «Taxpayer Legal Entity».

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source: press service of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Sevastopol

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