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In 2023, more than fourteen and a half thousand marriages were registered in Crimea

In 2023, more than fourteen and a half thousand marriages were registered in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

More often, Mendelssohn’s march was played in Crimean registry offices in September, July and August.

In 2023, 14,664 family unions were registered in the Republic of Crimea. As expected by experts, there were more marriages last year than in 2022, when 13,863 families were created.

From January to December 2023, the Mendelssohn march in the registry offices of Crimea was played more often in September — 2,125, in July — 1,659 and in August — 1,558.

At the same time, to register a marriage, brides and grooms most often applied to the Simferopol district registry office department, where the total number of marriages was 3,576 records of acts, to the registry office of the city of Simferopol — 2,484, to the Yalta city registry office department — 1,136, to the Kerch city registry office department – 994 and to the Evpatoria city registry office – 979— reported the Republican Ministry of Justice.

It is also important to note that mostly young people aged 24-32 got married, this is, accordingly, the average age of married couples in 2023, they were 58% of the total number of newlyweds, 27% were from 33-49 years old, 4% — couples from 18 to 23 years old, 8% — from 50-75 years old and 3% — couples from 76 to 94 years old.

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