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In Chersonese, scientists continue to explore the cliff

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Chersonese, the staff of the museum-reserve, together with specialists from SevGU and St. Petersburg Mining University, monitor the coastal zone in the area of ​​the northern coast of the settlement.

In Chersonese, scientists continue to explore the cliff

The first stage of the planned complex of geophysical surveys was the survey of the strata of the coastal cliff using a georadar in the areas of the Uvarov Basilica and the Six-Pillar Church. The method used made it possible to see the internal structure of the massif, to reveal hidden cracks and weakened zones, to understand which specific parts of the monument require special attention.— reports the press service of the State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve Tauric Chersonesus

In Chersonese, scientists continue to explore the cliff

Now scientists have begun the second stage of surveying the sites of the settlement, which are subject to the threat of the development of dangerous geological processes. Specialists of the Scientific Research Laboratory «Interdisciplinary Studies of the Coastal Zone» and the Center for Marine Research and Technology of the Sevastopol State University, using a laser scanner, receive a three-dimensional model of the coastal cliff, fixing its current state.

Based on the data obtained, in the future it will be possible to assess the intensity of destruction of various sections of the coast, to identify the conditions under which the impact of natural factors on archaeological heritage objects becomes the most dangerous. At the next stage of the survey, it is planned, using the possibilities of aerial photography, to obtain a digital model of the entire territory of the settlement— the press service of the museum-reserve notes.

In Chersonese, scientists continue to explore the cliff

Photo: press service of the Tauric Chersonese Museum-Reserve.

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