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In Crimea, 11 new investment projects are “on the way”. Results of the next «Investor Hour»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea (KRRK), under the leadership of the Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea Dmitry Sheryako, the «Investor’s Hour» was held. Outcome: Eleven investment projects were considered related to the construction of a trade and logistics complex, the development of road services, the creation of a fish farm, and the sale of building materials in the Crimea.

The corporation accompanies investment projects at all stages of implementation. «Investor Hour» helps to create comfortable conditions for business and promptly respond to emerging requests. One of the tasks of the Crimean Development Corporation is to control the pace of compliance with the implementation of projects and speed up this process if the investor encounters difficulties , Dmitry Sheryako emphasized.

It is interesting that investors turned to CRRC today for assistance in overcoming bureaucratic obstacles and explaining the measures of state support.

In particular, an investor involved in the construction of a furniture production complex asked to expedite the commissioning process of his facility.

During the meeting, a meeting was also held with potential investors who presented a project for the development of aeronautics in the Crimea. To implement the idea, today the sites that are most suitable for organizing balloon flights in the republic are being considered. The Crimean Development Corporation is ready to assist in the launch of this project.

“Investor Hour” is a new format for working on investment projects in the Republic, created on the initiative of the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov. Its participants: the leadership and representatives of relevant ministries, the Development Corporation, municipalities, infrastructure organizations and businesses. The format of the work is designed to strengthen partnerships between the republic and business.

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