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In Crimea, for once, buckwheat was sown

CrimeaPRESS reports:

For the first time in a long period, buckwheat has been sown in the Crimea. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Andrey Savchuk. The culture grows on 170 hectares in the Dzhankoy region.

Last year, the agrarian planted 10 hectares of fields with buckwheat on a dry land. Despite the fact that it was without irrigation, a decent harvest was obtained — 15 centners per hectare. The harvested grains went to sowing this year. Seeds of cereal grain culture domestic from the region in the central part of Russia. The variety is drought-resistant, can withstand heat up to +50. While the agrarian analyzes and looks at how culture will behave in our regionAndrey Savchuk commented.

The head of the Crimean Ministry of Agriculture also reminded that buckwheat is a good green manure, it almost completely clears the land of most pathogen spores, weeds and pest colonies. Among beekeepers, it is valued as an excellent honey plant.

In Crimea, for once, buckwheat was sown

Photo: Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea.

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