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In Crimea, over the past ten years, the involvement of men in household chores has increased

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Of all household chores, the townspeople most of all do not like ironing and cleaning. At the same time, almost all household chores, with the exception of the purchase of products, in Russia fall on the shoulders of women much more often than men. Representatives of the economically active population from Crimea took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs.

The most unloved household chores of Crimeans are ironing and cleaning: they are the most disliked by 29 and 19% of respondents, respectively. Washing dishes in the first place in the anti-rating of household duties at %, cooking — at 13%. The respondents are more relaxed about buying food and doing laundry: 7% of respondents dislike going to shops and markets most of all, 2% do laundry, the press service of the service reported.

In Crimea, men are more tolerant of ironing and cooking, and women are more tolerant of buying household goods. Respondents older than 19 most often do not like ironing, while washing dishes is disliked by respondents younger than 52 years. Today, hatred of ironing is reported less frequently than in 2012 th: some have developed a relationship with an ironing board and iron, others have bought a clothes dryer, and someone has allowed himself to walk in mint.

Interestingly, such a hated ironing was the least mentioned as a duty that is performed on an ongoing basis. 52% of Crimeans wash dishes regularly, buy groceries — 67%. Cooking is the responsibility of 60% of respondents, cleaning in the apartment — 29%. Every second respondent (52%) reported that his regular chores include laundry, and only every fourth respondent reported ironing (25%).

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All household chores, with the exception of buying groceries, are performed much more often by women than by men in Crimea. Respondents up to 34 years of age are less likely to take care of household chores than older generations. Those who regularly wash dishes and do laundry are more among the respondents with children than among the childless.

For years, men have become more often involved in domestic duties, with the exception of perhaps ironing. For women, the changes are not so significant: only those who regularly do laundry and ironing have become less.

Poll time: May — June 2 2022 of the year

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