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In Crimea, storekeepers, secretaries and office managers will soon apply for a salary increase

In Crimea, storekeepers, secretaries and office managers will soon apply for a salary increase

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Call center operators, teachers and lawyers are hesitant to ask for a raise. In a survey of a service for finding high-paying jobs SuperJob Representatives of common professional groups from Crimea took part.

Most Crimeans consider themselves worthy of a salary increase, some have recently asked for a raise, some intend to in the near future, but there are also those who, for various reasons, do not dare to contact management on this issue. So, the largest number of those who have recently negotiated a salary increase are among marketers (41%), logisticians (36%) and designers (35%), — noted in the press service of the service.

Every third office manager has already applied for a raise, and another 46% plan to do so in the near future. Even more specialists who said that they will soon go to their bosses to demand a salary increase are among storekeepers (56%) and secretaries (50%).

46% of call center operators, 36% of teachers and 30% of lawyers consider themselves worthy of earning more, but do not dare to negotiate. «Useless. They won’t raise you anyway”; “It’s easier to find a new job,” call center employees comment. The salaries of teachers and lawyers of government institutions depend on tariff rates.

Time: June 1-26, 2024

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