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In Crimea, students collected tons of waste paper. Exchanged it for seedlings

CrimeaPRESS reports:

More than 414 schoolchildren and students took part in the action of Crimean student teams, who gathered more than 03 tons of waste paper.

Waste paper will be exchanged for seedlings of pine, fir, spruce, maple, mountain ash and shrubs, which were planned to be planted as part of events dedicated to the anniversary of the Crimean spring. But the weather is now quite cold for landing, so the landing itself was postponed until next week. Part of the seedlings, in addition to those purchased through the collection of waste paper, will be provided by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Crimea. Thus, at the moment we already have the opportunity to plant more than 10 seedlings of trees and shrubs. This result became possible thanks to the holding of open lessons in ecology in schools, and the involvement of schoolchildren and students who are not indifferent to the ecology of the peninsula to the events for the improvement of our beloved Crimea , — said the commander of the Crimean regional branch of the Russian Student Groups Vladimir Kaidan.

В Крыму студенты собрали тонны макулатуры. Обменяли её на саженцы В Крыму студенты собрали тонны макулатуры. Обменяли её на саженцы

The collection of waste paper continues, but at the next stage of the implementation of the action, students and schoolchildren are planned to be involved in planting seedlings as part of the planned work on the improvement of settlements in the Republic of Crimea, as well as to participate in planting seedlings in the forestry of the peninsula.

We are very inspired by the enthusiasm with which students participate in the action. It is nice to see the interest and efforts of everyone who has contributed to the collection of waste paper over the past month, because it was thanks to collective perseverance that significant results were achieved. The Crimean student teams are very grateful to the schools for their help in collecting paper, old books, cardboard boxes and supporting the volunteer movement. The teachers were responsive, and the students showed interest. I would like to continue working with schools, because the process of the action is aimed at the younger generation , — says the organizer of the action Arina Mironova, master of the headquarters of student groups of KFU. IN AND. Vernadsky.

Reference: 002 February on the Day of Russian student teams Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov on meeting with the Crimean student teams, he invited students to participate in the campaign for the improvement and landscaping of the Crimea. Over the past month, on the initiative of the students, the Republican volunteer action «Youth for the cleanliness and prosperity of Crimea» was organized. The action is divided into several stages, the first of which is to conduct environmental lessons and collect waste paper in educational institutions (universities, colleges and schools) to exchange it for tree seedlings for subsequent planting of seedlings on the territory of educational organizations.

For the first month of the action implementation, 9 educational institutions in the city of Simferopol took part in it — Crimean Federal University named after I.I. V.I. Vernadsky, Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University named after Fevzi Yakubov, MBOU “Gymnasium No. K.D. Ushinsky», MBOU «Secondary School No. 8», MBOU «School — Gymnasium, Kindergarten No. 10”, Crimean College of Public Catering and Trade, Crimean Multidisciplinary College, Simferopol College of Radio Electronics, Simferopol Polytechnic College.

Information and photos provided by the press service of the Crimean regional branch of the International Public Organization «Russian Student Teams»

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