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In Crimea, they intend to ensure the transparency of the grain market. Through the introduction of a special system

CrimeaPRESS informs:

In Crimea, as in other regions of Russia, a system will begin to operate that will ensure the transparency of the grain market, facilitate quality control of the final product, and also reduce the number of inspections of commodity producers.

Without registration in the FSIS «Grain» system, from September 2022 it will be impossible to sell, as well as export or import grain. The system will be up and running this year. From July 1, a test mode starts, and from September 1, registration and submission of information to the FSIS «Grain» will be mandatory. From September of the year, companies involved in the production, storage, transportation, sale of grain and products of its processing are required to register with the FSIS «Grain» and enter data into it. The new FSIS «Grain» system automates the processes of collecting, processing, storing and analyzing information on the types of activities related to the production, transportation, storage, processing, sale and disposal of grain in the domestic and foreign markets of Russia , — reported in the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea.

It is planned that from January 1 2023 of the year, information on grain processing products (rice, flour, cereals, starch, breakfast cereals, etc.) will appear in the FSIS «Grain» in test mode . d.), and from March 1 2023 of the year, the placement and accounting of this information will be mandatory. More detailed information is available on the website of the operator of the FSIS «Grain» — FSBI «Center for Agroanalytics» .

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