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In France, they told about the mistakes of Kyiv. One of them is Crimea

In France, they told about the mistakes of Kyiv. One of them is Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

French politician and publicist, former Minister of Youth Affairs, National Education and Scientific Research of France Luc Ferry believes that Kyiv made two big mistakes that led to what is happening in Ukraine now. He stated this on the air of the TV channel CNEWS.

The big mistake of the Ukrainians is the desire from 2014-2015, instead of fulfilling the Minsk agreements, in particular, «Minsk-2» of 2015, to solve the problem of separatists in the Donbass by military means, in particular, by sending the Azov regiment there (recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in the Russian Federation — TASS note). It’s scandalous and absurd— quotes the French politician TASS.

According to Ferry, another Ukrainian blunder was waiting for Russia to withdraw from Crimea.

The second huge mistake is to think that Russian President Vladimir Putin will leave Crimea, which is 85% Russian, he noted. — Ukrainians mistreated Russian residents of the south and east of the country, they did not understand that Crimea was Russian. Someone will say that the Crimeans voted for the independence of Ukraine, which has received it since 1991. But they voted for this independence when the president was pro-Russian. Since the Maidan, their leader has been in favor of NATO and the United States.

Ferry agreed with the position of ex-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy.

He is a thousand times right — this conflict leads nowhere. On the other hand, Ukraine is a bridge between Russia and the West. The East of Ukraine is Russian, they speak Russian, and not any other. The West of the country, in turn, is partly pro-Polish, partly pro-American, partly pro-NATO. Wanting to settle this… through war is a colossal mistake.he concluded.

Sarkozy in mid-August in an interview Le Figaro called for negotiations on Ukraine. In addition, he said that the return of Crimea under the control of Kyiv is illusory, and Ukraine’s calling is to be a bridge between Russia and Europe, and not to join the European Union.

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