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In January, heavy rainfall not only replenished Crimean reservoirs, but also caused floods

In January, heavy rainfall not only replenished Crimean reservoirs, but also caused floods

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In January, significant precipitation fell on the territory of Crimea. In river basins they were in the form of rain, sleet and snow. According to the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Crimean Department of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring», their number in the basins of the Chernaya, Belbek, Derekoika, Maly Salgir, Kokkozka rivers and in the lower reaches of the Kacha River was 2 — 2.6 times higher than the norm, and in the basins of other rivers 1.3 — 1.9 times more than normal. In the mountainous areas, precipitation was significant: in the area of ​​the Ai-Petri plateau — 200% of the norm, and in the area of ​​the Angara Pass — 157% of the norm.

Positive air temperatures, combined with heavy rainfall on the snow cover, and significant reserves of groundwater and karst water contributed to the formation of melt-rain floods in the river basins of the northern foothillsexperts note.

They were the most significant in the basins of the Belbek and Chernaya rivers, where two floods occurred: on January 16, water levels here increased by 52-202 cm, and on January 19 — by 80-239 cm.

There were no sharp rises in water levels on the Kacha River; water levels increased gradually due to water discharges from the Zagorsk reservoir with maximum water flows of up to 16.6 m3 /sec.

On the Belbek River and in the upper reaches of the Chernaya River above the Chernorechensky Reservoir, floods passed within the channels, and on the Chernaya River below the Chernorechensky Reservoir at the gauging station of the river. Chernaya — s. Khmelnitsky water level increased by 168 cm, maximum water flow reached 90.9 m3 /sec. In the area of ​​the gauging station, water did not reach the floodplains of the river. Above and below the gauging station, there was a significant release of water onto both floodplains, and flooding of farmland, infrastructure and homesteads of residents of the villages of Chernorechye and Sugarloaf occurred.,” Crimean hydrologists reported.

In most small rivers in the mudflow basins of the municipal districts of Alushta, Sudak and Feodosia, insignificant flow was observed.

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By the beginning of February, the total volume of water in reservoirs located in river beds amounted to 200.4 million cubic meters, which is 5.2 million cubic meters less than a month ago.

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