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In Kerch, they said goodbye to the hero of the SVO Denis Udovichenko

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Today in Kerch, a fellow countryman, teacher-mentor, paratrooper, real hero, member of the NWO Denis Udovichenko, was seen off on his last journey. He died in action on 25 May.

An ascetic of Crimean studies, a teacher of military-patriotic education Denis Vladimirovich Udovichenko was an active citizen of Kerch, a well-known person in the Hero city. On the last journey, the faithful son of his Fatherland was carried out in compliance with all military honors. He was 44 years old.

Denis Udovichenko was born on July 13, 1978 in Chelyabinsk. Later, he moved with his family to Kerch, studied at SPTU-29 as a cook-culinary specialist. He served in the ranks of the airborne troops as a machine gunner and gunner. He was part of the peacekeeping forces in Yugoslavia. After military service, he worked in several trading companies, as a cook on foreign ships. After creating a family and having children, he decided to work on land.

In 2017, Denis Vladimirovich joined the Kerch branch of the ROOVDV «Union of Paratroopers of Crimea», and since 2018, on the recommendations of the Kerch branch, he worked part-time at the Kerch driving school DOSAAF as an instructor in military-patriotic education. From 2019 to 2022 — conducted the preparation of the Yunarmiya ceremonial crew of the DOSAAF driving school for the Victory Day. He took an active part in the activities of the landing organization of the city and the public life of Kerch. With his love for the sky, he attracted the younger generation to make parachute jumps along with veterans of the Airborne Forces and special forces.

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He was a real volunteer and couldn’t stand aside when the NWO started. It was Denis Vladimirovich who volunteered to go to the defense of the Motherland. He served in the 810th Guards Separate Marine Brigade, in the communications platoon of the airborne assault battalion.

On May 25, 2023, the unit where Denis was located was subjected to unexpected shelling, as a result of which Denis died heroically.

Denis Vladimirovich Udovichenko was an incredibly bright and kind-hearted person, he was always full of strength and energy to create and improve something. A real man, protector, mentor, husband and father. So he will remain in the memory of relatives, friends and all fellow countrymen, grateful to him for his courage, determination, patriotism. Eternal memory to the hero.

In Kerch, they said goodbye to the hero of the SVO Denis Udovichenko

Materials: Kerch administration, photo KerchINFO

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