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In Sevastopol — a series of free events to get acquainted with the IT field. The final will be ITPARK FEST 2023

In Sevastopol — a series of free events to get acquainted with the IT field. The final will be ITPARK FEST 2023

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Any resident of Sevastopol will be able to get acquainted with the IT industry for free: a series of events to get acquainted with the field of information technology starts in the city, the final of which will be ITPARK FEST 2023. IT Crimea, ITpelag, Decartus and Sevstar have prepared a series of events for residents of Sevastopol and Crimea to get familiar with the IT industry. According to the organizers, the IT month will be useful both for business representatives and for everyone who is interested in the IT field. Participation in all IT-September events is free for everyone. The activities will last throughout September, and the finale of the IT month will be the fifth annual ITPARK FEST 2023 festival, which will be held on September 29 at the IT Crimea Technopark.

We held the first ITPARK FEST in Sevastopol on the basis of the IT Crimea Technopark in 2019. Over the 5 years of its existence, the festival has become the most important IT event of the peninsula and a significant event in the field of information technology. The festival is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience of the professional community. Our goal is to bring together IT specialists, Technopark residents, start-ups and businesses ready to invest in the Crimean IT industry to create high-quality technologically advanced modern products and an advanced highly professional IT community of the peninsula. Also, an important goal of the festival is to attract attention and popularize the information technology industry, increase IT literacy among the population and involve young people in the field of IT.— said Dmitry Gachko, founder of Technopark «IT Crimea», serial IT entrepreneur, founder of ITGLOBAL.COM Group.

As part of the ITPARK FEST 2023 festival, two venues will be organized: the main and business. All performances and reports will be combined into thematic tracks. The tracks of the main platform of the festival will be: artificial intelligence, microelectronics, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Tracks of the business platform: blockchain, fintech, startups and entering foreign markets. The main IT event of September is preceded by a varied agenda of activities intended not only for professionals in the field, but also for those who want to get to know the industry.

Our events are designed for a wide audience. Anyone can choose a lecture, excursion or other activity to get acquainted with the field of information technology. As part of the events, experienced IT specialists, business owners, senior and middle managers will share their knowledge about the industry. Our goal is to introduce information technology to as many Sevastopol and Krym residents as possible, to tell the inhabitants of the peninsula about successful companies and interesting projects. In addition, our joint agenda with other IT companies in the region serves to share knowledge and experience of professionals in the field, and is also designed to strengthen and strengthen the IT community of Sevastopol— said Dmitry Gachko.

The IT-September program in Sevastopol includes a wide variety of events: on September 7 at 19:00, the finals of the summer quiz tournament will be held at the PRO breakfast cafe. The winning teams of the four summer games will compete for the title of smartest IT team of the season. The following teams will play in the final: Payberry, Crimea Digital Group, ITpelag, Sevstar, IT-Kub.Gagarin Digital Education Center. On September 9-10, ITpelag organizes a business apartment party in the Tsarskaya Pristan Business Center (Portovaya St., 17). IT-kvartirnik 2023 is an event for business owners and directors in Sevastopol, where IT specialists share their experience in an informal setting. The first day will be devoted to the topic of introducing ready-made tools for business automation, developing your own solutions, the economics and feasibility of investing in IT, successes and failures in the process of introducing digital products into an already operating business. Dmitry Zelensky, General Director of IT Crimea Technopark, will take part in the business apartment building as part of a panel discussion of IT and business about the difficulties in communications, understanding processes and overcoming differences for joint success. Performances are also scheduled: Nikolay Gubanov (ITpelag), Konstantin Kokush (Sevstar), Maxim Zheleznyakov (SimpleOne), Andrey Timoshenkov (TIP-TOP) — and many others.

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  • September 11 at 19:00 in the cafe «PRO breakfast» women’s meetup «Girls in IT». Girls from different fields and professions will share their successful experience of promotion in the technical field: Anastasia Volchenko, business coach of the Decartus Corporate Academy, Yulia Yushchik, system analyst at PSB, Maria Kudasheva, QA engineer at Crimea Digital Group.
  • On September 16, an IT picnic will be held on the territory of the Technopark (Rudneva St., 41): interactive zones for adults and children of any age will be set up in front of the main entrance to IT Crimea. Everyone will be able to take part in master classes, tastings, an interesting quest, useful lectures and consultations on modern technologies.
  • September 18: meetup “How to get into gamedev. Part III. Experienced game developers will share their experience of working in the modern realities of game development in Russia. Everyone will be able to learn about the work in the modern sanctions life of the country on specific examples. Meetup will be hosted by IT Crimea technology park evangelist, director of the GEMENOTH board games publishing house, co-founder and producer of game development studios Maxelium AS, Drunkard Raccoons and Comrade Bear Games; ex-producer for Nival and Ubisoft; Sergey Golubkin, lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, leading researcher at the MIPT AI and Big Data Lab, gamification expert, author and producer of 50+ board and digital games.

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