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In Sevastopol — All-Russian youth project «Route of Inspiration»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

May in Sevastopol starts the All-Russian youth project «Route of inspiration», organized by the All-Russian movement «Inspirers». Its main goal is to identify strong personal qualities in teenagers 14-19 years old, as well as to help them in search and realization of their dreams.

The partners of the Route of Inspiration were the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the All-Russian competition «Big Change», the Association of Volunteer Centers, the All-Russian People’s Front, ICC «Artek», the Department of Digital Development of the City of Sevastopol, the Sevastopol Regional Branch of the Russian Movement of Schoolchildren, the State autonomous institution «Digital Sevastopol — a multifunctional center for the provision of state and municipal services in the city of Sevastopol», the Department of Youth and Sports of Sevastopol, the children’s technopark «Quantorium» of the city of Sevastopol, the center for digital education of children «IT-cube. Gagarin, the Regional Model Center for Additional Education for Children, the Lukomorye Eco-Park and the Teatralnaya Street Art Space , the Press Service of the All-Russian Movement Inspirers reported.

The project will take place in two stages. In the first stage, from to 17 May May, the selection of participants will take place — anyone between the ages of to years can register and start performing special tasks, those who scored the most points will be invited to the second — full-time stage « Route of inspiration”, which will be held in Sevastopol from 2 to 7 June 2022 of the year. Activities will take place in the most beautiful and brightest locations in Crimea, which are located near Sevastopol. Participants of the Inspiration Route project will have a hike along the great Sevastopol Trail, a day in the Eco-Park Lukomorye, the creation of an Art gift, the first Summer Youth Carnival and much more.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the specially developed methods aimed at finding the dreams of teenagers and its implementation. Thanks to constant communication with Mentors, among which are well-known Russian entrepreneurs and public figures, children will be able to see the full range of opportunities available to them, decide on plans for the future, and take the first steps in their direction. The result of the «Route of Inspiration» will be the ability of the child to make a conscious choice of his future and the first steps towards its realization.

Throughout the entire activity of the Movement, we see a problem in the formation of a serious dream in adolescents. Only a fifth of children dream not of a new phone or a branded item, but of something more. The passage of the “Route of Inspiration” by a teenager will give him the opportunity to better understand himself and immediately take the first steps towards a new dream , — Mikhail Paley, co-founder of the All-Russian movement “Inspirers”

Among other activities, one can distinguish acquaintance with various fields of activity, discoveries and achievements in the field of science, technology, sports, culture, art and other fields; exploration of one’s potential and opportunities during sporting events and hikes; participation in the creation of urban art objects. Such formats of interaction with a teenager will allow him to more easily immerse himself in the environment of the project and open up more deeply. And informal communication with mentors will remove unnecessary frames for communication.

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All-Russian Movement «Inspirers» unites leaders of various directions. Inspirers help motivate teenagers to find their own path through community development, personal meetings, motivating, educational and special media content, through the creation of images of real modern “heroes” on the personal example of Inspirers.

To participate in the «Route of Inspiration», you must go to the website and take part in the selection, which will last from 12 to 17 May. The number of participants is limited. All details and regulations of the project can be found on the project website.

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