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In Sevastopol, citizens are invited to participate in the “Windows of Victory” campaign

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Everyone can take part in the “Windows of Victory” event timed to coincide with the May 9th holiday. To do this, you need to decorate the windows with portraits of participants in the Great Patriotic War — members of your family, as well as decorate them with thematic drawings, stencils, and symbols of Victory Day. Cultural institutions of Sevastopol have already joined the action.

The team of the Department of Culture joins the All-Russian action «Windows of Victory». Pride in the history of one’s people unites and unites people. It is important to know your history, traditions, and most importantly, to pass this knowledge on to the younger generation. Therefore, we decided to talk about the native Sevastopol, after whom the street where the department is located is named — Nikolai Ignatievich Tereshchenko. During the defense of Sevastopol 1941-1942. he was engaged in the evacuation of the local population and formed an underground patriotic organization. We hope that both residents and guests of the city will be interested to see the face of the hero and find out who became the history of Sevastopol— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the director of the department of culture, Angela Sumakova.

In Sevastopol, citizens are invited to participate in the "Windows of Victory" campaign

Photos of the defenders can also be placed in the windows of the volunteer headquarters «We are together — Sevastopol» on the street. Lenina, 39. To ensure that they all have the same format, volunteers offer to issue a photo through the site-constructor and print it in A4 or A3 format. Photos are accepted until May 7 inclusive.

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As a reminder, for security reasons, the action «Immortal Regiment» this year will not be held in the format of a procession. On the eve of Victory Day, everyone can choose for themselves how to talk about their hero. You can post a portrait of a veteran as an avatar on your page on the social networks VKontakte or Odnoklassniki, as well as tell a story about him in your account, another way is to post photos of veterans on cars by attaching a portrait of a hero to the glass with the condition that he will not interfere with the driver’s view — it is recommended to place a photo on the rear and side rear passenger windows.

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