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In Sevastopol — ITPARK FEST: a large-scale annual IT festival

In Sevastopol — ITPARK FEST: a large-scale annual IT festival

CrimeaPRESS reports:

ITPARK FEST is a large-scale annual IT festival, which is held in Sevastopol for the fifth year in a row and brings together representatives of the IT community and technology startups, investors interested in promising projects to discuss current topics and the development of the IT sector in our country.

I am very grateful to the organizers of the festival, our IT park. Because I rarely meet such “sick” people. Something always interferes with them, but they persistently move towards their goal. Thank you! In fact, everything is changing now, and how we define the future, how we work, will determine what our country will look like in the next 10 years. For some reason, we always think that somewhere it will work out, but we won’t succeed. I am sure that with the will, desire and such a wonderful place in Sevastopol as the IT-Crimea park, everything should work out for us,” the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes Mikhail Razvozhaev.

The festival is being held for the fifth time at the site of the IT CRIMEA technopark — this is a priority project of Sevastopol in the field of information technology. Now more than 350 people work here in 25 resident companies. The volume of investments made in the project has already amounted to more than 1 billion rubles.

It’s surprising, but this year even more people came from Moscow and St. Petersburg than last year. When I started the “IT CRIMEA” project in Sevastopol, I dreamed and wanted us to really do a cool project that could be called “Russian Silicon Valley.” Thanks to all of you and this progress that I observe, my confidence that we are doing the project and moving in the right direction is growing. The success of our very complex project is just around the corner,” notes the founder of the IT Crimea technopark, Dmitry Gachko.

The organized festival has become a platform where representatives of the IT community and technology startups, programmers, engineers, and neural network creators regularly meet. In 2023, ITPARK FEST will feature three sites, which brought together over 300 participants from different industries. On the main stage, 14 offline and online speakers raised the topics of artificial intelligence, microelectronics and UAVs. As part of the business track, IT entrepreneurs discussed issues related to blockchain technologies, startups, and entering foreign markets. In the fan zone there is an impromptu Internet museum, VR, an obstacle course with scooters, etc.

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As part of the festival, drone racing competitions in closed spaces also took place today. Let us recall that in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, it is planned to create a center to support the design, testing, production and preparation for certification of unmanned aircraft systems in Sevastopol. The decision to create the center is reflected in the national project “Unmanned Aviation Systems”. The issues of creating a UAS were discussed today with the participants of a closed round table.

For reference:

The IT Crimea technology park hosts specialized educational events for IT specialists. We have implemented our own educational project to train and improve the skills of IT specialists for the ITGLOBALCOMRUS Group of Companies and Technopark residents. The selection and training of young personnel is carried out jointly with technical universities of the country, and assistance is also provided in the relocation of personnel from other regions of the Russian Federation.

Together with Sevastopol State University and the Foundation for Infrastructure and State Educational Programs, a startup studio “IT Garage” was created. Technopark «IT CRIMEA» in 2022 became one of the sites within the framework of the design and educational intensive «Archipelago 2022».

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