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In Sevastopol, land users must destroy ambrosia

In Sevastopol, land users must destroy ambrosia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Market of Sevastopol warned that land users should destroy the ragweed. If this is not done and the dangerous weed spreads throughout the city, the perpetrators will be fined.

All land users are required to conduct a systematic quarantine phytosanitary inspection of their subordinate territories to identify quarantine objects, including ragweed,» the department said. Apparently, this information is primarily intended for the heads of municipalities, who must control the timely destruction of ragweed. Weed pollen is the cause of an allergy that worsens during the flowering period. Usually this is the end of July — the beginning of Septembernotes «Sevastopol newspaper».

The plant has another unpleasant property — if you do not fight it, it quickly captures new territories and depletes the soil. By the way, it is not easy to eliminate it: ambrosia cannot be mowed, but must be uprooted.

Administrative liability is provided for non-compliance with measures to combat quarantine objectsadded the department.

Meanwhile, Sevastopol residents report cases of ambrosia overgrowth in the city. For example, in Ushakova gully:

On the territory of the former boarding school, which borders on the beam, everything is in this most dangerous ambrosia! Last year, a lot of Red Book trees were cut down there and soil contaminated with ambrosia was brought to the vacated places. And now it is growing wildly, and some people on the territory are trying to pull out these weeds, but this is not very effective.they write in social networks.

A few years ago there was no ambrosia in Sevastopol. But the large-scale improvement of public territories, as well as road construction, caused this extremely allergenic plant to be massively brought from the mainland with new soil.

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source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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