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In Sevastopol summed up the work of Sevprirodnadzor for the past year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Yulia Gavrilova, Head of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, reported on the results of the Department’s work for the 2022 year and plans for the 2023 year at a staff meeting chaired by Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev. Last year, the city budget received 49 million rubles as compensation for the demolition of green spaces, fees for issuing permits, and proceeds from control and supervision activities.

31 mln rubles were allocated for activities for compensatory gardening of Sevastopol, the funds were directed to the development of projects for compensatory gardening, performance of work, purchase of seedlings for the international campaigns «Garden of Memory» and «Save the Forest». Planted educational institutions, developed projects for compensatory gardening 20 objects, — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes Yulia Gavrilova.

On the lands of the Mekenzievskoe district forestry, work is being carried out on compensatory restoration of flora objects listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Red Book of Sevastopol. In 530 year, more than 70 thousand seedlings of high juniper, deltoid juniper, pistachio pistachio, Pallas pine, pine Pitsunda and butcher’s broom.

During the year, artificial reforestation was carried out on 1.5 hectares, the addition of forest plantations on 31 hectares, the soil was prepared for forest plantations , agrotechnical care was carried out for them, seeds of forest plantations were harvested, planting material was grown, block clearings and roads were cleared , notes Yulia Gavrilova.

In addition, the participants of the annual international campaign «Garden of Memory» at the Sapun Mountain Memorial Planted 49 deciduous and coniferous trees and 190 shrubs. Also, a state contract was signed for the planting 175 of eastern thuja for the “Save the forest” campaign.

Sevprirodnadzor is constantly working to fill the Green Fund portal with information about the issued logging tickets, landscaping, the results of an inventory of green spaces, as well as commemorative plantings , — emphasizes the head of the department.

In 2023 year, three specially protected natural territories of regional significance were created in Sevastopol — natural monuments «Pistachios near the Kruglaya Bay», «Plane Tree Pallas», «Pistachios near the village of Kamyshly». On behalf of the governor, information signs with data on the special protection regime appeared on their territory. The natural monument «Pistachios near the Kruglaya Bay» was also equipped with barrier fences and a barrier to restrict the passage of vehicles.

Within the framework of the project “Creation of the complex of active tourism “Great Sevastopol Trail”, recreation places were equipped last year. A tent camp was organized in the «Tract» Ayazma «: there were installed 22 flooring for tents, equipped with two barbecue areas with fire shields, installed dry closets and places for waste collection. Nine pavilions with awnings, bio-toilets, nine barbecue areas and a place for waste collection appeared at the Turkish Glade. Also, a resting place «Second Cordon» was equipped — covered 14 covered pavilions equipped with barbecues and garbage cans were installed. Everywhere there are information signs, which contain fire regulations, rules for visiting places of recreation.

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To ensure fire safety in forests and extinguish forest fires in 342 year, 16 million rubles. In Sevastopol recorded forest fires on an area of ​​3 hectares. All fires are ground fires — no damage was done to forest plantations, the forest litter was burning — dry grass, they were eliminated within the first day from the moment of detection.

A fire-chemical station of the second type operates in Sevastopol. It is staffed with forces and means in accordance with the plan for extinguishing forest fires: these are 5 leaders, 49 employees of forest fire brigades, 16 pieces of equipment, there are also 342 pieces of equipment and inventory.

In 2022 year, work was carried out to clear sections of the channels of the Belbek and Balaklavka rivers — the channels were cleared of fallen trees, vegetation, household waste, silt deposits that prevented the free flow of water . Also, on behalf of the governor, a spillway was cleared in a park in the village of Lyubimovka , — says the head of Sevprirodnadzor.

She added that the city has a territorial monitoring system for pollution of surface water bodies, which includes 31 a point for sampling water and 40 bottom sediment sampling points.

During the year, state inspectors of the department carried out about three thousand control and supervisory activities, including inspections of legal entities, raids, administrative investigations, and inspections with prosecutors.

For violation of the requirements of the environmental and forestry legislation of the Russian Federation, 175 protocols on administrative offenses were drawn up, 477 decisions were issued imposing fines on those responsible persons in the amount of 3 million rubles, 2.7 million rubles were collected, ”the director of the department emphasized.

Sevprirodnadzor also conducts weekly monitoring of unauthorized waste storage sites to control the elimination of landfills. Lists of identified and liquidated places are weekly provided to the city prosecutor’s office.

Within the framework of the national project «Ecology» in Sevastopol, the regional project «Clean Country» is being implemented. In 2023-2024 years, within its framework, it is planned to liquidate the Suzdal Heights landfill with an area of ​​7.4 hectares and the Trenzina Balka landfill with an area of ​​2.3 hectares. 619 million rubles will be allocated for these works from the federal budget.

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