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In Sevastopol, the court decided the fate of the sculpture «Serenity» («Seated on a bench»)

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Let him sit still.

In Sevastopol, the Gagarinsky District Court considered the sculptor’s claim for the protection of his copyright. The dispute concerned a sculpture installed on October Revolution Avenue. The girl sitting on the bench reminded the plaintiff of his own work.

In his statement of claim, the sculptor pointed out that the sculpture of a sitting girl “Serenity” (“Seated on a bench”) located in the city of Sevastopol on October Revolution Avenue is a plagiarism of his sculpture “Resting”, installed in the park “Flower Garden” in the city of Pyatigorsk, asked to recognize the sculpture as plagiarism and dismantle it, recover in his favor compensation for non-pecuniary damage and compensation for violation of the exclusive copyright to a work of artaccording to the press service of the court.

The forensic art examination appointed by the Gagarinsky District Court of the city of Sevastopol established that the above sculptures are not identical, and “Seated on the Bench” on October Revolution Avenue is an independent work.

Refusing to satisfy the sculptor’s claims, the Gagarinsky District Court of Sevastopol proceeded from the fact that the creation of a similar, but creatively independent work, cannot be regarded as a violation of the exclusive right of the author of an earlier work— said the press service of the court.

Photo (for comparison) from Sevastopol and Pyatigorsk — from the VKontakte group «Our Sevastopol»

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