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In Sevastopol, the festival-competition «Together with a mentor!»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the educational center «Kazachya Bay» the festival-competition of co-creation «Together with the Mentor!», dedicated to the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, was launched. Schoolchildren, together with their teachers, took part in the nomination «We play together with a mentor in the theater.» Theatrical and musical performances were presented by students of gymnasiums No. 5 and 24, schools No. 3, 38, 39, 49 and 57, as well as students of the Sevastopol Polytechnic Lyceum. The smallest participants in the program were pupils of kindergarten No. 123 with the composition “Happy Together”. The competition was organized by the Department of Education and Science, organizational support is provided by the Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity with the support of the All-Russian project «Childhood Navigators». This festival is held in Sevastopol for the first time. Its goal is to realize the creative potential of students and teachers, to raise the prestige of the teaching profession.

The festival-competition of co-creation in Sevastopol has become a logical continuation of the festival-competition «Me and my teacher». It is in the Year of the Teacher and Mentor that the emphasis in the competition is placed on the creativity, experience, talent of the teacher, with whom the guys grow and develop, determine their life path. It is important that a competent teacher-mentor is next to each child. And the festival began with a theatrical nomination — after all, very soon International Theater Day— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the regional coordinator of the All-Russian project «Childhood Navigators» Natalya Zagorodnaya.

Competitive tests will be held from March 23 to April 10 in the following categories: “We play together with a mentor in the theater”, “We sing together with a mentor”, “We dance together with a mentor”, “We play music together with a mentor”, “We create together with a mentor”. The topics of creative tests for the participants will be a happy childhood, school, love for the motherland, a healthy lifestyle.

Our team and I have been preparing for the competition for more than a month under the guidance of teacher Oksana Sergeevna. The theme of our theatrical composition is “Our Motherland is Russia! Our homeland is one! not chosen by chance, because we love our Motherland, we honor the traditions of our people— shared a student of the Sevastopol Polytechnic Lyceum Ksenia Kluban.

In total, 35 advisers to education directors, 76 teachers and about 1,000 students will take part in the festival-competition. A gala concert and an award ceremony are planned for May.

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