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In Sevastopol, they announce the premiere of the play “And, therefore, we need one Victory! ..” When?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theatre. A. V. Lunacharsky is preparing a special performance-concert dedicated to the songs and poems of the war years “And, therefore, we need one Victory! ..” Stage director — Evgeny Zhuravkin, artistic director of the production — Grigory Lifanov. Actors from the Sevastopol theater, as well as actors from the Mariupol Drama Theater and the Donetsk Regional Russian Theater for Young Spectators will perform on the same stage.

For Sevastopol, Victory Day is a special holiday, a double one. A year before the Great Victory, Soviet troops liberated our beloved city from the Nazi invaders. Today, during a special military operation, when the Russian world once again stood up to defend its identity and the world, it is very important and symbolic for us to host artists from the new annexed territories of Russia — from Mariupol and Makeevka. On May 9 and 10, together, shoulder to shoulder, feeling our commonality, we will perform poems and songs of the war years, the very works that were sung in the war. They raised morale, gave strength to go forward, to defend our Fatherland. From the stage will sound «Dark Night», «In the Dugout», «You are waiting, Lizaveta» and many others. The Mariupol Theater will perform the chapter of the poem «Vasily Terkin» — «Accordion». We are happy to prepare this festive concert, we are waiting for veterans and youth, participants of the NWO and their families— quotes the press service of the Government of Sevastopol Evgeny Zhuravkin.

The proceeds from ticket sales will be used to support participants in a special military operation. The performance-concert will take place in the theater. A. V. Lunacharsky May 9 and 10. Start at 18.30.

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