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In Sevastopol, they are calculating the damage from a missile attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In Sevastopol, they are calculating the damage from a missile attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Given the lack of official information from the Russian Ministry of Defense about the missile attack on Sevastopol (details — HERE) the main source was Telegram channel Mikhail Razvozhaev.

According to the governor, the city continues to assess the damage caused. The biggest disaster, of course, is that a person died and four more were injured. There are also a lot of small troubles. Starting from broken windows in houses, boats and buses, ending with… direct hits (alas, not all NATO “storms” were shot down).

A total of 3 direct hits were recorded on residential buildings. On the street Yalta, where a 65-year-old man died. The house is disconnected from gas. On the street A grenade fragment hit the apartment. Windows are broken, part of the wall is missing, a gas pipe is damaged, 1 riser for 5 apartments is disconnected from gas. In the area of ​​the Simferopol highway, a fragment also flew into an apartment and a window was broken. Resettlement in temporary accommodation centers was not required; 8 people were accommodated with relativessaid the governor of Sevastopol.

According to him, almost 100 reports of damage to cars, buildings and residential buildings at various addresses from shrapnel and blast waves have already been received by the phones of the Safe City agro-industrial complex and the 112 service.

A big request to all media and all Sevastopol residents: do not publish information and photographs about the damage. Everything you write in the comments on any Internet platform is available to everyone. Including the enemy. Just look at the number of “dislikes” on my account. Our enemies rejoice in our problems. Let’s not give them such joy. Be careful and vigilant. Do not write your personal information and addresses in the public domain. We are in touch.

If you have a message about a problem, please write only to private messages of the Government of Sevastopol VKontakte or to “Government services. We decide together.” Outsiders cannot see this correspondence. If you need help, call 112. Information on broken windows is promptly transferred to the Department of Municipal Services, then according to the Criminal Code. There is a lot of work, specialists move from one point to another. I remind you: do not go near the wreckage and parts of downed missiles! Call 112 immediately.

Now we are doing everything to put the city in order. Everything related to compensation for damage is the second stage,” Mikhail Razvozhaev informed the townspeople.

He also published telephone numbers for each district to call with questions related to the work of the damage determination commissions.

Please note: these are personal numbers for municipal employees. They will all, of course, help and accept applications from residents. But I have a big request to everyone who contacts them: please call during the daytime. Optimally — from 9 to 20 hours. Important! You can only leave requests on these phones. The task of the commissions is to collect information about the damage caused. The amount of compensation will not be told to you here — it will become known when the commissions finish their worknoted Razvozhaev.


  • Andreevsky MO: +79785202148
  • Balaklava municipal district: +79788120625
  • Verkhnesadovsky municipal district: +79781209705
  • Gagarinsky MO: +79783000942
  • Inkerman: +79786916021
  • Kachinsky MO: +79780545290
  • Leninsky Moscow Region: +79780459116
  • Nakhimovsky municipal district: +79788434549
  • Orlinovsky MO: +79788190047
  • Ternovsky municipal district: +79788134140
  • Department of Internal Policy: +79785742929.
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