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In Sevastopol, they intend to demolish a number of unauthorized buildings

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At a meeting of the Government of Sevastopol, a decision was made to demolish a number of unauthorized buildings. They are located on land owned by the city. The first object is emergency unauthorized constructions that pose a danger to local residents on the southern and northeastern sides of the railway from the border of Sevastopol in the Verkhnesadovoye region to Inkerman at the crossing over the Chernaya River. They were identified during the inventory of abandoned objects, which was carried out on behalf of the head of the city by the department of urban economy together with local administrations.

There are four partially destroyed emergency capital facilities on the non-cadastral land plot. It is impossible to find who the developer is, in connection with this, the commission decided on the possibility of demolishing these objects, — quotes the press service of the Government of Sevastopol and. O. Nikolay Bitosov, Director of the Department of Municipal Economy.

It is also planned to demolish an unauthorized building in the village of Osipenko, on Sukhiy Street, 15. This is a two-story abandoned capital facility — an emergency building that is dangerous for residential development located nearby.

In the Gagarinsky district, in ST «Fortuna, 14», a capital fence will be demolished — there was a squatting of land. The man decided to increase the territory of his site by 138 square meters. m and occupied the territory, which is necessary in the formation of the passage.

In addition, a one-story capital facility located at Yuzhnogorodskaya Street, 41 — Kachinskoye Highway, 1-A in the village of Lyubimovka will be demolished. The building area is 82 sq. m, it was not possible to establish the owner.

This area will be comprehensively cleaned, there is now unsanitary conditions, everything is littered with third parties, which we are also now identifying, and said. O. Vice Governor Yevgeny Gorlov.

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