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In Simferopol, road workers began patching streets

In Simferopol, road workers began patching streets

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Simferopol, specialists from the Municipal Budgetary Institution “City” took advantage of the “weather window” and began pothole repairs of the road surface. As the head of the administration of the Crimean capital, Mikhail Afanasyev, clarified, a list of streets where pothole repairs are needed has been compiled and will be updated and supplemented, however, work has already begun.

In Simferopol, road workers began patching streets

Today the team is working on Evpatoria Highway, st. General Popov. In the near future, they will begin pothole repairs on the street. Elevator— said Afanasyev and clarified, — Please note that pothole repair is not a full-fledged road repair. However, the result of this work is immediately visible: coating defects are eliminated, further destruction is prevented and, of course, accidents and the risk of damage to vehicles are reduced.

In Simferopol, road workers began patching streets

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