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In Simferopol summed up the results of the event “Pedestrian! Crosswalk!»

KrymPRESS informs:

In order to reduce accidents and prevent traffic accidents involving pedestrians, the Simferopol State traffic inspectorate held a preventive measure “Pedestrian! Crosswalk!».

Daily from 16 to January this year traffic police inspectors served in emergency areas, as well as busy intersections and pedestrian crossings. In addition to suppressing administrative offenses, employees held preventive conversations with road users. Particular attention was paid to the observance by pedestrians of the rules of safe crossing of the carriageway, the use of reflective elements, and by drivers of compliance with the speed limit, the requirements of traffic lights, road signs and markings in places where pedestrians are moving.

During this period, 392 violations of traffic rules were suppressed, of which — pedestrians and 68 — drivers who did not follow the rules for passing pedestrian crossings.

A collision with a pedestrian is one of the most tragic types of traffic accidents, which has a high severity of consequences for the life and health of pedestrians. When crossing the road and driving along the roadsides or the edge of the carriageway at night or in conditions of insufficient visibility, pedestrians are recommended, and outside settlements, pedestrians are required to carry objects with retroreflective elements and ensure the visibility of these objects by vehicle drivers.

Traffic police officers once again remind all road users to be careful at pedestrian crossings: drivers should not forget to slow down, and pedestrians will make sure they are allowed to pass when crossing the road.

source: press service of the administration of Simferopol

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