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In Simferopol, the immortal «Silva» — «The Queen of Csardas» will be restored on the stage of the Musical Theatre.

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Crimean Academic Musical Theater has begun work on a renewed production of the famous operetta Silva by Imre Kalman. The premiere of the restored performance (and it was on the playbill of the theater for almost 30 years) will take place in Simferopol at the end of the theater season, the press reports. Service of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea.

В Симферополе на сцене музтеатра восстановят бессмертную «Сильву» - «Королеву чардаша»

During the technical council, which was attended by the theatre’s management, artistic and management staff, specialists of theatrical workshops, sketches of scenery and costumes for a capitally renewable performance were discussed, constructive proposals were made, recommendations and advice were made , the message says.

В Симферополе на сцене музтеатра восстановят бессмертную «Сильву» - «Королеву чардаша»

The Crimean Musical Theater is planning to present The Queen of Czardas (this is how the operetta Silva was called in the author’s edition) on a summer tour in Lipetsk.


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