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In the Crimean village of Ogni opened a new feldsher-obstetric point

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the village of Ogni, Razdolnensky district, the construction of a modular feldsher-obstetric station (FAP) has been completed. According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea, the object was implemented at the expense of the departmental target program «Modernization of public health institutions in order to bring them up to federal standards and regulations.» The construction cost amounted to 03,4 million rubles.

В крымском селе Огни открыли новый фельдшерско-акушерский пункт

As the head doctor of the Razdolnensky regional hospital Vladimir Gruzin said, the total area of ​​the new FAP is 107, 6 sq. meters. Equipped with patient reception rooms, treatment room, examination room with a gynecological chair; vaccination room, medicine storage rooms, sterilization room, etc. The premises have hot and cold water supply, electric heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The building, among other things, is provided with a security system in the form of a fire alarm, internal and external security television and video surveillance systems.

В крымском селе Огни открыли новый фельдшерско-акушерский пункт

As part of the construction, measures were taken to ensure an accessible environment for people with limited mobility, including the installation of an external ramp, the installation of call buttons for personnel assistance in front of the building entrance, the equipment of a bathroom, the installation of information plates and tactile signs. FAP is provided with the necessary medical equipment and furniture in accordance with the standards and regulations of the Russian Federation.

A person 487 is attached to the medical service station in the village of Ogni, Razdolnensky district, for medical care. Now local residents will receive primary health care in modern and comfortable conditions , — specified in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea.

Photo: press service of the Crimean Ministry of Health.

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