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In the first quarter of the year, scammers stole 4.3 billion rubles from Russians

In the first quarter of the year, scammers stole 4.3 billion rubles from Russians

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the first quarter of 2024, fraudsters stole 4.3 billion rubles from Russians, which is 6.3% less than the value of the same period in 2023. In addition, in January-March of this year, almost 14 million attempts to steal funds were repelled, reports the Bank of Russia.

In January-March of this year, the domestic financial sector repelled 13.9 million attempts to steal funds from citizens, thereby saving 2 trillion rubles.

In January — March 2024, banks repelled almost 13.9 million attempts by cyber fraudsters to steal money from clients, preventing the theft of funds worth 2 trillion rubles. Nevertheless, the situation remains difficult. In the first quarter of 2024, attackers managed to steal 4.3 billion rubles from bank clients, which is 6.3% less than in the same period last year. – reported the Bank of Russia.

Despite the positive dynamics in the total amount of thefts, the amount of financial losses of Russians exceeded the average for 2023. The regulator also initiated the blocking of about 14.8 thousand fraudulent sites and pages on social networks and, in addition, sent telecom operators for subsequent blocking information about 48.6 thousand telephone numbers that were used to carry out fraudulent activities.

This is the first positive trend in the last few years in terms of reducing the number of stolen funds, notes Anton Nemkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications. According to him, the decline in the indicator was influenced by the development of banking anti-fraud systems.

Over the past year, financial organizations have integrated a number of effective tools aimed at proactively combating cybercriminals. For example, blocking atypical financial transactions when the transfer amount is many times higher than the average citizen’s spending. Also, in some banking applications, you can see a pop-up warning about possible dangers when transferring funds to unfamiliar users. In the first quarter of 2024, Sberbank alone prevented theft of 100 billion rubles. Thus, the effectiveness of the bank’s anti-fraud system is already close to 100%— said the deputy.

Nemkin emphasized that the development of various anti-fraud systems is one of the consequences of tightening the responsibility of banking organizations for allowing fraudulent transfers.

Starting in July of this year, banks will be required to return funds stolen from their accounts to citizens. At the same time, some of them, for example, Tinkoff, have already launched projects to return fundsnotes the deputy.

Funds will be returned if the organization allowed the transfer of funds to a fraudulent account located in the Central Bank database, as well as if the operation was carried out without notifying the user about it. Thus, banks will be required to return funds within 30 days after receiving a corresponding application from a citizen.

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However, it will be possible to fully assess the results of tightening legislation only next year, says Anton Nemkin.

Many banks began to prepare in advance, but a number of them have not yet implemented anti-fraud systems. In addition, today we are discussing the updating of already undertaken anti-fraud tools. Firstly, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office proposed automatically blocking transfers to accounts that had previously been recognized as fraudulent. This will save the finances of those citizens who voluntarily sent money to scammers. This happens when attackers use social engineering methods. In addition, the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia, with the participation of industry representatives, is discussing the issue of creating a unified platform for responding to cyber attacks, which will also include existing anti-fraud systems— said the deputy.

Nemkin is sure that it is too early to say that the situation with the volume of fraud in the country has changed dramatically.

It is important to maintain the current trend. At least the measures taken by the state and business make it possible to do thissays the parliamentarian.

source: press service of the Russian State Duma deputy Anton Nemkin

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