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In the rally “For the world! Work! May!» Sevastopol residents also take part

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Sevastopol, the regional stage of the All-Russian Trade Union Motor Race has started, which is held under the slogan “For Peace! Work! May!”, “For a world without Nazism!”. Cars from the Hero City went to Rostov-on-Don, where they will take part in the district rally. Representatives of the Government, the United Russia party, members of the trade unions of the city and Sevastopol residents took part in the start of the rally — in total about people.

Events such as today’s are very important for our guys who are now fighting and giving their lives. They are at the forefront and must understand that we are here to support them. Our soldiers are fighting not only for the inhabitants of Donbass — they are fighting for us, for the people of Sevastopol, for the Crimeans, for the future of our country , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the head of the internal policy department of the internal policy department Dmitry Yanchenko .

The car rally is an all-Russian trade union action, within the framework of which cars from all regions of the country go to Moscow. At the same time, the participants pass through the capitals of the federal districts, where rallies and events are held in support of the President and the Russian military.

It is expected that trade union cars will pass through Red Square as part of the procession on May 1st. In the future, one part will go to Volgograd, where it will take part in events by May 9, and another part will return to Sevastopol to celebrate Victory Day with us. The purpose of the action is to demonstrate solidarity with the decisions of the President, to support our army. We wanted to show that Sevastopol, as a patriotic city, understands the reasons for the events taking place in Ukraine and is in solidarity with the goals of the special operation , — says Vadim Bogachev, chairman of the Sevastopol Association of Trade Union Organizations.

Six Sevastopol residents went to Rostov-on-Don today. Among them is Irina Beglegchieva, who will represent the Hero City at the district rally.

I am very glad that it was my honor to represent Sevastopol in Rostov-on-Don. Of course, we support our guys and our President. Support is always important and felt. I want to voice there that Sevastopol is the patriotic capital of Russia. If not us, then who? Where we are, there is victory! — notes the participant of the rally.

Recall that the trade unions of Sevastopol are the largest public organization in the city, which consists of about 40 thousand people.

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